AMGO Hydraulics MC-1200 Motorcycle Lift (ATV Option)

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1,200 Lbs
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AMGO Hydraulics MC-1200 Motorcycle Lift (ATV Option)

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The MC-1200 is a professional motorcycle & ATV lift with a 1,200 lb capacity that can handle all your power sport vehicle needs. From tire changes, preventive maintenance, and motor work, the MC-1200 can help you do it all and do it quickly, safely, and efficiently.


• Power unit stand with hand-release power unit mechanism
• Mechanical hand-release safety lock with automatic activation
• Wide platform with several slots on each side to apply vehicle tightening belts
• Hydraulic cylinder with flow restrictor for stable and smooth lowering of the vehicle
• Advanced features such as the plastic tool tray and rear tire removal cover


 Model  MC-1200
 Lifting Capacity  1,200lbs
 Lifting Time  23s
 A1: Lifting Height  43″ (1090mm)
 A2: Minimum Height  6 1/8″ (155mm)
 B:Overall Length(lnc.Ramp)  106 1/4″ (2700mm)
 C: Runway Length  88 5/8″ (2250mm)
 D:Overall Width  29 1/2″ (750mm)
 Gross Weight  619lbs (281kg)
 Motor  1.0HP 110V/60Hz,single phase


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Warranty information.

AMGO offers one of the best product warranties in the industry from the original factory commercial invoice date in the industry as follows: 
1.Steel structure components(including Columns,Carriage,,Lifting Arms, Top Beam, Floor Cover,Platform,Cross Beam,Car Drive-in Ramp, Scissor,baseframe etc.) warranty for five years. 
2.Hydraulic parts (including cylinders, oil seal, oil hose, fitting etc.)warranty for two years. 
3.Other parts(no including consumption parts such as rubber pad),electrical components, power unit warranty for one year.

Warranty procedure:

In order to start a warranty claim, you need fill out completely (including date of purchase) the warranty card attached below, and then send it to If this information is not provided, the factory will not support the claim.

Click here to download the warranty card