The Auto Dolly 12" Roll Around (Set Of 2) 6 Hole

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The Auto Dolly 12" Roll Around (Set Of 2) 6 Hole

The Roll-Around Attachment will fit either of our 12" Auto Dolly (Standard or Heavy Duty).

  • Converts an Auto Dolly into a bolt-on Roll-Around
  • Fits 6 on 6 ½ hole bolt pattern
  • Move your vehicle in any direction, with out tires/wheels on vehicle
  • Makes an excellent platform for vehicle restoration or stored vehicles
  • Facilitates unimpeded access to wheel well areas (for detailing, painting, undercoating, etc.)
  • Free up your jack or jack stands while adding mobility
  • 2 Roll-Around Attachments per package (Auto Dolly set not included)


Your Merrick Auto Dolly and attachments are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty