EMAX Silent 20hp V4 1PH 120 gallon Horizontal Duplex mounted alernating Piston Compressor -With Pressure Lube Pump

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EMAX Silent 20hp V4 1PH 120 gallon Horizontal Duplex mounted alternating Piston Compressor -With Pressure Lube Pump

EMAX Compressor has added our duplex Alternating line to the EMAX family. The benefits to these compressors are the alternating switch that will allow the units to alternate from one pump to another. The unit will pump up to set pressure, then under the next start-up sequence the opposing pump will start. This eliminates excessive running and allows the pumps to cool under heavy loads. These units also have a feature that if one pump will not maintain set pressure and not keeping up with demand, then both units will come on and run until the unit hits the pressure setting after which it will go back into normal alternating mode.

This unit as all the features to make using it a breeze from its automatic tank drain to the belt tensioners and the continuous run mode, this compressor has it all.

Equipped with our Whisper100 dissipates compressor intake noise by channeling the intake air through a series of baffle plates. This low-profile system adds 4 levels of air filtration along with making the compressor quiet, lowering the decibels by more than 35%.


  • Re-usable oil filter
  • Dual Alternating motors
  • Belt tension adjuster for fast, easy one-turn maintenance
  • Design reduces vibration and extends belt life
  • Continuous mode functionality for workloads over 50% duty cycle eliminates wear and tear on your magnetic contactor
  • Patented Pressure Lubricated 2-stage cast iron pump with dual control design allows for automatic or continuous run rated at up to 70,000 hours based on B-10 bearing life rating
  • Alternating Switch allow the units to alternate from one pump to the other. Eliminates excessive running and allows pumps to cool under heavy loads.
  • (2) Magnetic starter w/relay Auto tank drain 110-volt dual timer controlled, eliminates daily maintenance
  • (2) Of our low RPM solid cast iron patented pressure lubricated pumps paired with (2) Industrial grade 1750 RPM motors, (2) Magnetic Starters ran with a relay switch all installed on our ASME certified 120 Gallon Horizontal tanks.


 Horsepower  10 HP each pump
 Amps  80
 Volts  230
 Pump Drive  Belt
 Pump Material  Cast Iron
 Stage  2
 CFM at Max. PSI  64
 CFM at 40 PSI  99
 CFM at 90 PSI  68
 Max. PSI  175
 Working Pressure  145 PSI
 Motor Phase  1
 Motor RPM  1750
 Tank Orientation  Horizontal
 Tank Fill Time  4 min
 Air Tank Size  120 Gal
 Air Outlet Size  1 in
 Air Outlets (qty.)  1
 Drain Type  Automatic
 Electronic Drain Valve  Yes
 Engine Start Type  Electric
 After Cooler Included  No
 Air Compressor Type  Stationary
 Electric, Air Dryer  None
 Duty Cycle  60 %
 Low Oil Shutdown  No
 Lubrication System  Pressure
 Oil Required  Yes
 Pressure Gauge  Yes
 Product Weight  1850 lb
 Dimensions L x W x H (in.)  96.0 x 42.0 x 64.0 in



EMAX Piston Manual

Air Compressor Pumps Operating Instruction

EC10 – TB100 BD




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