Schley Products 66750B Sheilded Oxygen Sensor Wrch

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  • The unique tool has been designed to R&R can" type shielded oxygen sensors and air fuel sensors currently found on later models vehicles.


  • The depth and outer diameter of the socket are critical features enabling it to fit in the limited space of the heat shield.


  • For maximum strength this 6 point tool is forged steel and comes in the SP High Tech black finish. The B" model will work on all oxygen and air fuel sensors that are shielded including:


  • Toyota 2003 and later


  • Lexus 2006 and later


  • Honda 2006 and later


  • Acura 2007 and later


  • Mazda 2006 and later


  • Hyudai 2006 and later


  • Kia 2006 and later


  • Nissan 2007 and later


  • Infiniti 2007 and later


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