Saf-T-Lite 3613-4001 STUBBY II, 40Ft. Reel, With Switch, With In-Line Ballast


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Saf-T-Lite 3613-4001 Stubby II, 40Ft. Reel, With Switch, With In-Line Ballast

Prefer a handle to your hand-held work light? We’ve incorporated the durability and flexibility of the stubby with a handle. Our bright 1000 lumen stubby II features a replaceable lamp. The Stubby II can be purchased on a retractable cord reel, on a standard cord or as a replaceable head kit. Designed with day-in-day-out dependability in mind, the user will find this light will surpass their needs in the shop.

This lamp is a patented rough service; 13 watt fluorescent lamp that is rated at 10,000 hours and produces the equivalent light a 75 watt incand. bulb. It has undergone a process which makes it 10x more impact resistant.


  • 1000 Lumen replaceable lamp.
  • 5000k Light.
  • Rated at 50,0000 hours.
  • 10 Amp in line tool tap.
  • Strong polycarbonate outer tube.
  • Covered on/off switch in handle.
  • Built in USA.


 Case Qty  4
 Case Weight  39
 Head Kit  5165-9520
 Replacement Lamp  5000-2003
 Ballast Kit  5165-9510
 Parts Breakdown  9032-7022
 Light Fixture Length  11 in.
 Light Fixture Diameter  2 1/4 in.
 Model Voltage  120
 Model Hertz  60
 Model Amp Draw  .3
 Model Anti Strobe  No
 Outer Tube Information  Polycarbonate
 Lamp Type  PLS-13W/41
 Lamp Wattage  13
 Lumen Output  900
 Reel Diameter  9 in.
 Reel Width  3-1/4 in.
 Power Inlet Cord Type  SJT
 Cord Length  40 ft.
 Cord Gauge  16
 Cord Conductor  3
 Cord Type  SJTOW-A
 Model Amp Capacity  10 amps
 Power Inlet Cord Length  2 ft.
 Power Inlet Cord Gauge  16
 Power Inlet Cord Conductors  3
 Model Listings  UL and C-UL