Saf-T-Lite 1113-2500 STUBBY II, 25Ft. Cord, With Switch, With Ballast In Head


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Saf-T-Lite Saf-1113-2500  STUBBY II, 25ft. Cord, With Switch, With Ballast In Head

The Stubby II on a 25' cord - our reliable and versatile hand-held work light. With a powerful 1000-lumen replaceable lamp, this light is designed to meet your everyday needs in the shop. The Stubby II features a durable polycarbonate tube and bumpers, providing impact protection for long-lasting performance. Equipped with an SJTOW oil-resistant watertight cord, it ensures maximum durability and flexibility. Rated at an impressive 50,000 hours, this light is built to last. Choose the Stubby II on a retractable cord reel, a standard cord, or a replaceable head kit. Trust the Stubby II to deliver the brightness and convenience you desire.


  • 1000 Lumen Replaceable Lamp.
  • Strong Polycarbonate Tube.
  • Bumpers and soft handle provide impact protection.
  • Rated At 50,000 Hours.
  • SJTOW oil resistant watertight cord.


 Case Qty  12
 Case Weight  35
 Cord Capacity  N/A
 Cord Conductor  2
 Cord Gauge  18
 Cord Information  25 ft. cord is oil-resistant, all-weather cord with molded   polarized plug, color is safety-yellow for high visibility.
 Cord Length  25 ft.
 Cord Type  SJTOW-A
 Guard Information  N/A
 Guard Material  N/A
 Head Kit  5165-9520
 Lamp Type  5000-2261
 Lamp Wattage  8
 Built In USA  Yes
 Model Amp Capacity   N/A
 Model Amp Draw   .3
 Model Anti Strobe   No
 Model Hertz  60
 Light Fixture Length  11 in.
 Model Listings   UL and C-UL
 Light Fixture Diameter  2 1/4 in.
 Model Unit Size  1
 Model Voltage  120
 Outer Tube Information  Polycarbonate
 Outer Tube Name  Standard
 Parts Breakdown  9032-7022
 Replacement Lamp  5000-2261