Reelcraft 7400 OHP 1/4 in. x 50 ft. Premium Duty Hose Reel


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Reelcraft 7400 OHP 1/4 in. x 50 ft. Premium Duty Hose Reel

The Reelcraft Series 7000 spring retractable hose reel is very robust and ideal for the most demanding applications. The base and guide arm are constructed from high-grade steel and engineered with structural forms and gussets to yield the greatest amount of strength.

  • Individually powder-coated steel components offer maximum protection from premature corrosion
  • Inlet hose is plumbed into the base to eliminate the risk of stress on the swivel
  • Guide arm adjusts to seven positions
  • Base plate, upright, and guide arm are constructed from 11 gauge steel; the spool is 16 gauge steel
  • Additional Series 7000 reel models include stainless steel, controlled return, enclosed, twin hydraulic, fuel delivery, pressure wash, and gas/cable welding
  • Made in the USA

Reel Specifications and Dimensions

Weight 43 lbs


Hose I.D.


Hose O.D.


Hose Length



5000 psi


1/2" NPT(F)

Reel Outlet

3/8" NPT(F)

Hose Included


Max Temperature

210 °F



Carton Dimensions

23.375" x 9.375" x 25.5"

A 20.25"
B 19.75"
C 7.8125"
D 3.875"
E 7"

Fluid Path Materials

Internal Fluid Path Steel
Swivel Assembly Steel
Swivel Seal Aflas

Replacement Seal Kits

Seal Kit - Aflas SK602033
Seal Kit - Buna SK602033-1
Seal Kit - FKM SK602033-2
Seal Kit - EPR SK602033-3


Hose Assembly Bumper Stop Pivot Base Swing Bracket Swivel Assembly Reel Cover
S9-260044 - 1/4 in. x 50 ft. High Pressure Grease Hose 1-HR1004-3A - Adjustable Bumper Stop S600608 - 340° Pivot Base 600626 - Wall Mounted Universal Swing Bracket S602110 - Swivel Assembly S263227 - Series 7000 Reel Protective Cover
S9-260044 - 1/4 in. x 50 ft. High Pressure Grease Hose 1-HR1004-3A - Adjustable Bumper Stop S600608 - 340° Pivot Base 600626 - Wall Mounted Universal Swing Bracket S602110 - Swivel Assembly S263227 - Series 7000 Reel Protective Cover

CAD Drawings


Catalog Page
Service Manual

Warranty Information

Limited Warranty

For 2 years (1 year for Series LD, LG, LH cord reels, and reel covers; 6 months for hose and light bulbs) from the date of shipment, products manufactured and/or sold by Reelcraft Industries, Inc. (“Reelcraft”) shall, when properly installed, maintained and operated in accordance with the recommendation of Reelcraft and the manual of instructions, be free of defects in material and workmanship at the time of shipment. In no event shall Reelcraft be obligated under this warranty or otherwise in any way whatsoever for normal wear and tear or for any product which, in Reelcraft’s sole and exclusive determination, has been subjected to accident, abuse, misapplication, improper repair or alteration, improper installation or maintenance, excessive operating conditions or for defects or failures resulting from purchaser’s specifications or designs, or otherwise caused by purchaser, including without limitation defects or failures resulting from purchaser’s manufacture, distribution, sale or promotion of its own products. A failure to use circuit breakers on electric motors, filter, lubricators on air motors, and flexible inlet connections on live hose reels will void the express warranty stated above in this paragraph. EXCEPT FOR THE EXPRESS WARRANTY STATED ABOVE IN THIS PARAGRAPH, REELCRAFT MAKES NO OTHER WARRANTIES, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR ANY OTHER WARRANTIES, WHICH ARE HEREBY DISCLAIMED, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED BY LAW, COURSE OF DEALING, COURSE OF PERFORMANCE, USAGE OF TRADE OR OTHERWISE.

Equipment, products, components and hoses not manufactured by Reelcraft are subject to the original manufacturer´s guarantee and warranties. Hoses carry a 6 month warranty as listed by the manufacturer. Reelcraft will assist in filing claims, but does not have any additional responsibility if original manufacturer denies warranty claim.

Product built to customer specifications and requirements or products incorporating variation from cataloged items are considered special and are not subject to cancellation or returnable for credit under any conditions.

Reelcraft reserves the right to modify or alter product, dimensions, design and construction to improve performance.

Please refer to Reelcraft’s Terms and Conditions of Sale

In the event of any conflict between this Warranty Information statement and the Terms and Conditions of Sale, the Terms and Conditions of Sale shall control.

Warranty Return Protocol

  1. Contact our customer service at 800-562-4791 and request the Return Goods Coordinator for the authorization number. Warranty claims will require the following information before a return authorization number can be issued:

    Product/model number
    Serial number
    Invoice number

    Additional information regarding a specific reason for return will be required in processing your request.
  2. If a replacement is required prior to Reelcraft receiving your return, the items being sent will be invoiced to your account until the warranty process is completed.
  3. Once given an RGA number all corresponding inquires, paperwork and boxes will require this number. Reelcraft reserves the right to refuse returns without an RGA number.
  4. Upon receipt of your warranty return and all the warranty conditions are met, a credit memo will be issued to your account and forwarded to you for your records. If there is a problem with your return a Customer Service representative will be in contact with you to discuss this further.
  5. If you desire, a warranty report is available to be forwarded or discussed with you regarding your specific return and our findings. Please contact our Return Goods Coordinator at 800-562-4791.