Ranger RP-50FC 25-Ton Capacity Electro/Hydraulic Heavu Duty Oil-Filter Crusher With Stand


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Electro/Hydraulic Oil-Filter Crusher With Stand / 25-Ton Capacity / Heavy-Duty / 208-240V, 1-Phase, 50/60hz

The super-sized RP-50FC industrial oil filter crusher applies 25 tons of electric-hydraulic pressing power to flatten just about any used oil filter to 20% of its original size, all while removing 95% of the residual oil. Filters up to 15.25" long and 6" diameter are crushed in seconds flat.

Our Most Powerful Oil Filter Crusher Yet

The controls on the RP-50FC are made from state-of-art materials and are ergonomically placed to keep you balanced, comfortable and in good posture while you crush. We’ve made it as easy as possible to operate this machine. A convenient automatic cycle feature lets you load the used oil filter in the crushing chamber, push a button, and walk away. Simply press the green button for fully automatic press cycle, the blue for initiating automatic return sequence and red for stop. It's that simple.

For your convenience, we’ve also included a remote electric foot switch, giving you even more versatility in how you control basic press operations. To top it all off, the RP-50FC oil filter crusher comes standard with a built-in automatic safety door with reinforced transparent viewing window, which stops everything if and when the door opens, so you get to work—and watch—safe and worry-free.

It’s time to say NO to permits and fees associated with “hazardous” oil waste. Get the government out of your life and make more money with the RP-50FC oil filter crusher.

Note: For international buyers, a 380-415 VAC / 3 Ph / 50 Hz option is available. Just ask us about model RP-50FC-E.


Features & Specs

  • Maximum crushing pressure of 50,000 lbs.
  • Filters are reduced to 20% of their original size with 95% of residual oil removed.
  • Automatic cycle feature lets you load the filter, push a button, and walk away.
  • Fulfills EPA and other mandated environmental standards
  • Save on waste disposal costs and storage space
  • Handles automotive and heavy-duty filters up to 15-1/4" long and 6" diameter.
  • Cycle time approximately 8 to 15 seconds depending on filter size.
  • No-mess design operates clean and efficiently to lessen spill hazards.
  • Ergonomic controls feature automatic or manual cycles.
  • Welded steel plate construction
  • Electric-hydraulic power unit features 2-HP motor.
  • Automatic safety door stops operation when opened.
  • Transparent door for a convenient view of the crushing process.
  • Powered by a 2-HP electric-hydraulic pump with 2-gallon reservoir.
  • Rugged floor stand is designed to accommodate up to 55-gallon drums for efficient fluid handling.


  • Overall Height:90.5" (2,299 mm)
  • Overall Width:32.5" (826 mm)
  • Overall Depth:31.5" (800 mm)
  • Chamber Opening Height:16" (406 mm)
  • Chamber Opening Width:9.8" (249 mm)
  • Chamber Opening Depth:11.5" (292 mm)
  • Average Cycle Time:8 – 15 sec
  • Power Supply:208-230VAC / 50/60 Hz / 1 Ph
  • Unit Weight:415 lbs. (188 kg)

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