Spray Paint Booth

Automotive Spray Booth

JMC Automotive Equipment offers quality and the best prices when it comes to automotive spray booths. We carry various product lines from Accudraft, one of the leading auto paint spray booth manufacturers in the US. Whether you need a crossdraft, semi-downdraft, side draft, or downdraft paint booth, we've got it.

Accudraft car spray booths are engineered to deliver high airflow and fast curing speeds while keeping the level of volatile organic compounds (VOC) low, making the environment both efficient and safe. Also, these booths are available in different sizes and configurations. Whether you want to add car painting services to your auto repair shop or start a small car painting facility, you'll find a suitable one here at JMC.

Want to know more about our automotive spray booths that are for sale? Check out our selection today.

Spray Paint Booth

Car Spray Booths Can Get the Job Done Fast and Safely

The key role of an automotive spray booth is to control the environmental conditions while workers spray-paint a vehicle. It uses specialized ventilation systems to remove chemical fumes, dust particles, and other contaminants that can affect the workers and the paint job.

With the right technology, it can regulate the temperature and humidity in the area efficiently, allowing fast curing speeds so that you can complete more painting jobs in a day. The controlled environment also lowers the risk of scratches and other damage to the car while it's being painted. In other words, car spray booths can get the job done fast and safely.

Want to know the right car spray booth to buy from us? The size of your shop, the volume of painting jobs, and the types of vehicles you'll paint will help you determine the right auto body spray booth for your shop.

If you're still unsure which automotive spray booth to purchase, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We'll help you make the right choice.

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