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JMC Automotive Equipment is no stranger to vehicle lifts and all sorts of tools that go along with them. For that reason our sales team works hard to become associated with companies known for  high quality products that are both durable and approved by customers the world over. This week JMC is proud to announce becoming distributors for yet another great company, Titan Lifts.

With headquarters in Greenwood, Indiana, Titan Lifts is a lift manufacturer made up of professionals that pride themselves in being car enthusiasts and motorcycle riders. Involved in local car collector and riding communities, Titan Lifts knows enough about safety and quality as well as the market to make sure the people receive a  bang for their buck. They believe that by surrounding themselves with the best people and products they can offer customers solutions that can’t be beat.

Now, how does Titan Lifts rank when compared to our biggest sellers such as Bendpak and Challenger? In terms of sales, BP and CL have been with us for a lot longer but i’ll have you know that we only work with manufacturers that have the respect of the industry and consumers. There are dozens of lift companies out there that specialize in precisely that, lifts but it’s basically comparing BMW to Mercedes-Benz, many times it’s about what company the individual prefers and not one being “better” than the other. We like to provide our clients with vital information on the brands we carry and have you choose which is the lift that would behoove your garage or shop.

Titan Lifts Website and Online Catalog

Once you visit Titan Lifts website the first thing to catch your attention is the work of our graphic design and marketing team to make a site that’s fun, modern and easy to read. Just by looking at their catalog you’ll want to see the whole thing through and go over their colorful and heavily detailed product line. Long gone are the days where catalogs were dull and bland, Titan Lifts approach makes their products really pop-out.

Titan Car Lifts - Titan Lifts

Titan Lifts Product List

A company that specializes in both automobile and motorcycle lifts, Titan Lifts offers 2-post, 4-post, scissor and motorcycle lifts, Titan Lifts is here to compete with the likes of Challenger Lifts and Bendpak. JMC Automotive Equipment presents, Titan Lifts’ product line.

Titan 2 Post Lifts

Titan HD2P-9000AF Elite 2-Post Lift

1. Titan HD2P-9000AF Elite 2-Post Lift

When Titan Lifts says “Elite” they mean it. A top of the line product with a heavy-duty chain over lifting system, steel pulleys and high strength cable equalization system, this rugged and versatile lift is made with only the highest quality standards. To ensure your safety, the arms are powder coated bright yellow, there is an automatic safety lock system with a user-friendly dual point safety release and you will be glad to hear that it also includes an electric override automatic safety shut off. It has a aluminum 220 volt power for easier running, a durable scratch resistant black powder coated finish and screw in height adapter pads. Titan Lifts recommends you install it on a concrete floor with a minimum thickness of 4 inches and 3,000 PSI strength.


  • 9,000 lb lifting capacity
  • Asymmetric arm design
  • Symmetric Column Design
  • 2 Year Electric/Hydraulic Warranty
  • 5 Year Structural Warranty

itan HD2P-10000AC-D 2-Post Direct Drive Lift

2. Titan HD2P-10000AC-D 2-Post Direct Drive Lift 

The 10,000 lb capacity Titan HD2P as a unit gives you a higher lifting capacity than their 9,000 lb capacity siblings and thanks to Titan Lifts’ direct drive design it has fewer moving parts which means it requires less maintenance and inspection than the typical chain-over-roller cylinder configuration. This lift is preferred by many shops just because of the direct drive method being more efficient than chain driven method on rival lifts.


  • 10,000 lb lifting capacity
  • Direct Drive Hydraulic System
  • Asymmetric arm design
  • Symmetric Column Design
  • Low Profile Automatic arm restraints
  • Single Point Safety Release

Titan HD2P-11000ACX 2-Post Lift

3.     Titan HD2P-11000ACX 2-Post Lift

A common problem among some shop owners is height capacity. The HD2P 11000 2 Post Lift is height adjustable. This 11,000 lb capacity two post asymmetric clear floor style lift features adjustable columns that give the lift and overall height of 142” to 146” which is basically the same overall height of Titan’s 9,000 lb two post lifts.


  • Adjustable two piece columns
  • Padded cut-off bar with automatic electric override
  • Single point lock release
  • Free mounting hardware
  • Powder Coat Finish
  • 1 Year Electric/Hydraulic Warranty
  • 5 Year Structural Warranty

Titan HD2P-12000 2-Post Lift

4. Titan HD2P-12000 2-Post Lift

Titan Lifts’ 12,000 lb HD2P has the heavy duty leaf chain, the steel pulleys, the high strength cable equalization system and everything you’d expect from a high quality lift. These come in a durable and scratch resistant cobalt blue powder-coated finish.


  • Free mounting hardware
  • Low Profile Arm Restraints
  • “Big Foot” base plates for extra stability
  • Dual 3” cylinders with low friction chain rollers
  • 1 Year Electric/Hydraulic Warranty
  • 5 Year Structural Warranty

Titan HD2P- 15000C 2-Post

5. Titan HD2P- 15000C 2-Post 

The HD2P 15000 lb two-post is what Titan Lifts calls a “Texas Style Two Post Lift”. The lift has larger 3 inch cylinders, the footprint on its base is significantly larger than its younger siblings and its overall power is why Titan Lifts coined it as a “Texas Style Lift” (everything is bigger in Texas).


  • 15,000 lb. lifting capacity
  • Low profile automatic arm restraints
  • Dual 3” diameter cylinders with low friction chain rollers
  • “Big Foot” base plates for stability
  • FREE mounting hardware

Titan 4 Post Lifts

1. Titan SDPL-7000 4-Post Lift

If you’re an auto enthusiast looking for extra space in your garage, the Titan 4 post parking/storage lifts are your solution. These lifts are heavy duty with one piece diamond plated runways, 3 inch cylinder and a durable scratch resistant powder coated midnight black finish. The power unit on these 4 post models are 110 as opposed to the 220 on the 2 post Titan Lifts which makes them also easily adaptable to the most residential applications. Titan Lifts also has the XLT version for added capacity.

Titan SDPL-7000 4-Post Lift


  • 7,000 lb. lifting capacity
  • Carriages completely enclosed for safety
  • Aircraft quality cables rated at 14,500 lbs
  • Easy operation: Lock release handle located near power unit
  • 1 year Electric/Hydraulic Warranty
  • 5 Year Structural Warranty

2.  Titan HD4P-12000 4-Post Lift 

This 4 post lift provides 12,000 lbs of lifting capacity. There is no power beam, the cylinder is stored under one of the single-piece diamond plate tracks. It uses a simple lever release system as well as safety locks. It provides you with enough power to work on heavy vehicles in a solid 4-post setup.




  • 12,000 lb lifting capacity
  • 220V Power Unit
  • Length of 195.25”
  • Width of 137”
  • Height of 88”
  • Lifting Height 67”

3. Titan 3,500 lb Sliding Bridge Jack 

When you need added strength to your Titan Lifts 7,000 lb 4 post lifts these bridge jacks are great accessories to use. They assist in lifting the front or back of a vehicle off the runways for wheel and suspension work. This scissor style hydraulic jack comes complete with rubber pads, stackable height adapters and telescoping arms that allow the jack to slide between the two runways.



  • Height Adapters
  • Short - 1.25”
  • Long - 5”
  • Stacked - 6.25”

Titan Scissor Lifts

Titan 6,000 lb. Mid Rise Scissor Lift

Titan Lifts’ 6,000 lb capacity scissor lift has a durable powder coat finish as well as a solid steel construction guaranteeing it will stand the test of time. It can effortlessly lift mid sized sedan up to one of its seven lock positions making it easier for you to work on the vehicle safely and comfortably. It is ideal for detailing your vehicles or doing brake and wheel work.

Titan 6,000 lb. Mid Rise Scissor Lift


  • 6,000 lb lifting capacity
  • 110V Power Unit
  • 102” Length
  • 40” Width

Motorcycle Lifts

1. Titan 1500XLT Motorcycle Lift

This 1,500 lb. capacity lift gives you a large working platform to help you perform maintenance and repairs on your much heavier ATVs and motorcycles. It was awarded the “Best New Powersports Product” at the annual SEMA convention in Las Vegas in 2014.

  • Perfect for servicing motorcycles and ATV’s
  • Built-in retractable casters
  • Automatic safety locks
  • Heavy 12-gauge steel construction

Titan 1500XLT Motorcycle Lift

2.  Titan 1500XLT-E Motorcycle Lift

The electric/hydraulic Titan 1,500 lb capacity motorcycle lift is one of the largest lifting tables on the market today. Fully equipped with extensions as well as accessories, the table allows you to work on your larger and heavier recreational videos. It doesn’t require compressed air therefore it is easier to put into a shop or garage without having to worry about running additional air lines to the area. This where JMC has to step in and say, it is one of the best in the market today and has the accolades to prove it.


3.  Titan SDML-1000D Motorcycle Lift

The heavy duty diamond plated Titan 1000D is an air powered lift table that has a 1,000 lb lifting capacity and a longer working table to ensure that even the longest of motorcycles won’t have a problem fitting on the 99” work space. It has a more than comfortable 35” working height and is perfect for any shop or home garage.



4.  Titan LDML-1000L Motorcycle Lift 

The LDML has everything you need to wrench on your motorcycle. It is equipped with a heavy duty, rubber padded wheel vise and an air over hydraulic power unit, this lift is simple yet ahead of similar lifts in the industry today. It includes a 90-day parts warranty.

Titan LDML-1000L Motorcycle Lift



  • Lifting Capacity - 1,000 lbs

  • Power Unit - Air / Hydraulic

  • Length - 86.5”

  • Width - 26.75”

  • Min Height - 7”

  • Max Height - 30”

5.  Titan 1,500 Hydraulic Multi-Purpose Jack

As an addition to any of your Titan motorcycle lifts, the 1,500 hydraulic multi-purpose jack has one of the widest lifting ranges on the market today. It is fitted with locking steel swivel casters, drop-in height adapters and four locking height positions, this mobile lift has all the lifting power of a regular full sized table without using up as much space.




  • Locking steel swivel casters

  • Rubber padded T-Handle

  • Drop-in Rubber Padded Height Adapters

  • Pair of Ratchet Straps


Titan Wheel Service Equipment

1. Titan WB-350 XL Tool 39” Wheel Balancer

Titan Lifts brings to the market top of the line wheel balancers at an affordable price. They’re equipped with all of the features of the big guys. Standard features include: dynamic, static and alloy capability as well as a speed nut.


  • 8” long shaft with 36mm diameter
  • ST, AL1, AL2, AL3, AL4 balancing methods
  • Hood Included

2. Titan TC-350 XL Tool 37” Tire Changer

The swing arm style XL tool 37” standard duty economy tire changer features a side mounted bead breaker, 4 pneumatic clamps & double acting cylinders, water separator, lubricator and pressure regulator.


Titan Lifts Wheel Chocks

As you can see, Titan Lifts carry a barrage of high quality items which are ready to compete with the likes of even the industry’s biggest names. But if there’s one thing that Titan Lifts has really created to perfection it’s their Chocks.

Titan Bulldog Custom Profile Wheel Chock

As you all may already know, chocks are the little wedges used to keep your vehicle from rolling at the shop. With most manufacturers, the chocks have to be “activated” manually but Titan Lifts’ chocks clamp automatically when loading the bike on. The bulldog is perfect for holding bikes upright for towing purposes or space saving storage. It is very secure as well as simple to use. As the bike rolls into the chock, the rocking movement of the cradle allows you to effortlessly load the bike while it automatically clamps around the tire to properly hold it in place.

Titan Bulldog Custom Profile Wheel Chock

Titan Lifts might be fairly new in the industry but has earned our respect with their revolutionary chocks and high quality lifts. We expect our customers, both shop owners and enthusiasts alike to quickly notice Titan Lifts as one of the industry’s fastest growing manufacturers delivering high quality products to a very competitive industry. To see all of Titan Lifts products click here! Also, let us know if you have any questions down below.