Nussbaum SPL 10 3-Stage 10,000 lb (ALI) Asymmetric 2 Post Lift w/ 3 stage front arms and 2 stage rear arms


SPL 10 3-Stage
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Nussbaum SPL 10 3-Stage 10,000 lb (ALI) Asymmetric 2 Post Lift w/ 3 stage front arms and 2 stage rear arms

SPL 10 3 Stage is an ALI Certified hydraulic asymmetric two post lift with a lifting capacity of 10,000 pounds and 3-stage arms. This two post lift features a powerful 3.5 hp integrated power unit and covered hard-chromed cylinders, making it a precisely engineered mix between durability and appearance.
This lift consists of SPL10000M 3S and arms 2100SPL08801A and SPL10F02100. 
The SPL 10 3 Stage two post lift is the perfect automotive lift for your shop. With our manufacturing facility in North Carolina, these two post lifts are readily available for fast delivery and proudly MADE IN THE USA.
The SPL 10 3 Stage with it’s TRUE asymmetric design has virtually the same drive thru width as other lifts but has an overall width up to 20″ narrower than the competition.
For long life and durability, only hard steel hydraulic lines are used. They will not wear and age like flexible hydraulic hoses!
The SPL 10 3 Stage contains a high performance power unit with adjustable lowering speed through a single control lever, which allows for safer lifting and lowering! And the lift automatically shuts off when it reaches highest position, or at the highest vehicle height, eliminating pump fatigue.


  • 3-Stage arm design enables you to position vehicle doors in front of or behind columns to avoid door damage and provide you with added reach
  • Narrow bay setting at 124 ″ allows the most efficient use of bay space in the industry without losing drive through width
  • Fast lifting and lowering times
  • Variable lowering speed with manual control lever
  • Mechanical security locks
  • Hard-chrome cylinder guarantees extreme long-life cycle
  • Productive coverings for column cylinders provide safer operation and clean shop appearance
  • Asymmetrical two post vehicle lifting
  • Low maintenance and almost wear-free cylinder
  • Designed for short and long wheelbase vehicles

Technical characteristics

Capacity 10,000 lb
Pick up pad height min 5 inch
Front arms extension min-max 21.5 - 43.5 inch
Rear arm extension min-max 39.5 - 59 inch
Inside column width 105 inch
Lifting height 73.5 inch
Overall width min 120 - 124 inch
Drive-through width min 94.75 inch
Total height min 143 inch
Power supply (V/ph) 208/230 / 1 ph
Motor power 3.5 hp


Wooden crate
Packaging Wooden crate
Product Dimensions 143in x 42in x 20in
Total weight 1700lb
Stackable 4

Optional Accessories (Sold Separately)

Nussbaum SPL 10 XL 3-Stage accessories
Height adapters 1.6" for 3 STAGE armsITEM NO: 245SPL08032
Nussbaum SPL 10 XL 3-Stage accessories
Height adapters 3.5" for 3 STAGE armsITEM NO: 245SPL0803
Nussbaum SPL 10 XL 3-Stage accessories
Mini-Max Arms (entire set of 4)ITEM NO: 240SPL08400-BW
Nussbaum SPL 10 XL 3-Stage accessories
SPL Double Joint Rear Arms (rear arms only)ITEM NO: SPL OTTO Arms
Nussbaum SPL 10 XL 3-Stage accessories
SPL Low Profile Arms (entire set of 4)ITEM NO: 277SPLUSA08000
Nussbaum SPL 10 XL 3-Stage accessories
Tool holder bracket for SPL liftsITEM NO: THKIT
Nussbaum SPL 10 XL 3-Stage accessories
Truck Adapters for SPL10000M 3S (set of 4)ITEM NO: 2100SPL08046A
NUSSBAUM lift products are warranted to the original owner to be free of defects due to original factory materials and workmanship. The standard NUSSBAUM product policy for lifts provides a seven (7) year structural parts warranty, two (2) year warranty for non-structural parts.

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