Nussbaum OTTO 8 LO-PRO 8,000 lb, NT Hyperflow 2 Post Lifts w/ Rear Double Jointed Arms


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Nussbaum OTTO 8 LO-PRO 8,000 lb, NT Hyperflow 2 Post Lifts w/ Rear Double Jointed Arms

The HF NT series is a revolutionary hydraulic two post lift. The patented HyperFlow technology allows the lift to be perfectly and automatically synchronized without cables or pulleys. A double hydraulic circuit with 4 cylinders makes a mechanical locking system no longer necessary. This new generation of lifts are the perfect solution to increase the productivity and efficiency of the workshop while reducing cost of ownership.


  • No Equalization Cables: Patented HyperFlow® technology allows the lift to equalize itself each time it reaches its top position. This innovation means your lift is safer as a broken cable can drop a car. It also means you can save up to $2,000 over the life of the lift on inspection fees and cable replacements.
  • Time is Money: The OTTO 8 LO-PRO has the fastest lifting and lowering times in the industry. 20 seconds up / 16 seconds down with No Battery Required.
  • 2 variations available with 8,000 lb capacity and asymmetric arms and 12,000 lb and unique double-jointed arms.
  • Fast lifting and lowering times guarantee high cost effectiveness
  • Powerful and uniform lifting with control lever
  • No floor connection and no top static connection of the columns is necessary
  • NT System - double hydraulic system replaces mechanical locks
  • Hyperflow Technology ensures synchronization without cables or pulleys
  • Nearly wear-free hydraulic cylinders
  • Self-equalization system for the hydraulic system
  • Slim design – cylinders are protected behind covers
  • Far reach arms to pick up long vans with lowest lifting point
  • Low noise oil-submerged motor

Technical characteristics

  • Capacity 8000 lb
  • Column height 158.5 inch
  • Lifting height 80.75 inch
  • Drive-through width min 99.25 inch


Wooden crate
Packaging Wooden crate
Product Dimensions 160in x 30in x 20in
Total weight 1600lb


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NUSSBAUM lift products are warranted to the original owner to be free of defects due to original factory materials and workmanship. The standard NUSSBAUM product policy for lifts provides a seven (7) year structural parts warranty, two (2) year warranty for non-structural parts.