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  • Goliath Carts PR1- PC Panel Cart for PR1 Parts Cart (PR1-PC)
  • Goliath Carts PR1-PCSA Panel Cart - Stand alone Cart
  • Goliath Carts PR1-PCKIT Kit to convert PR1 Panel Cart to Stand Alone
  • Goliath Carts PR1-JH Additional J-Hooks for PR1
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Goliath Carts PR1 PR1-Parts Rack (Parts Cart)

The PR1 Parts Carts is a simple and effective parts management tool. It has folding shelves and bumper stands and hooks for handing parts on the back. The fine mesh on the shelf keeps small parts from falling through. After use, the carts can then be folded up and nested for space saving storage. These combined features make the PR1 “Parts Cart” an amazing addition to any shop, manufacturing facility, or just about anywhere you can imagine.

We have two models available ( Sold Separately)

Our PR1-A Base Model Parts Cart: Includes the cart with (3) folding mesh shelves, (2) bumper stands and hanging parts hooks.
Our PR1-XPC is our “Fully Loaded” version. This model includes the cart with (3) folding mesh shelves, (2) bumper stands, hanging parts hooks, R.O. Holder and Panel Cart for holding hoods, doors and large panels.
Accessories: Our R.O. Holder makes it easy to stay organized by job. Simply slip the paperwork in the plastic sleeve and use the whiteboard to identify the cart using your desired job data. The Panel Cart extends the capabilities of the PR1-A by allowing the user to store and hold large panel pieces, such as hoods and doors in a secure and safe manner. The arms are padded to ensure the parts stay protected.


  • Helps Organize and Stage Parts
  • Carts Nest for Space Saving Storage
  • Bumper Racks
  • Small Mesh Shelves to hold small parts
  • Each carts weighs 100 lbs.
  • Assembles in 15 Minutes
  • Great Accessories available to extend functionality!

Cart includes

  • PR1 Parts Cart
  • 3 Folding Shelves
  • 3 Hooks
  • 2 Sets of Bumper Arms
  • Swivel Wheels (2 Locking)

Optional Accessories

Panel Cart – (Part# PR1-PC): An extension to the parts cart that allows you to store large panels. 

Stand-Alone Panel Cart – (Part# PR1-PCSA): A stand-alone version of our Panel Cart that allows you to store large panels.

Panel Cart Conversion Kit – (Part# PR1-PCKIT): Metal bar and casters that convert our Panel Cart extension to a stand-alone unit. *Only purchase if you already have a Panel Cart and wish to convert it – this by itself does not create a stand alone Panel Cart.

RO Holder – (Part #PR1-RO): Comes with a whiteboard, and a plastic sleeve for holding the paper RO. The RO Holder can be placed on any shelf or at the top of either of the uprights.

J Hooks – (Part #PR1-JH): Additional hooks for small miscellaneous parts


Value Proposition

Keeps your parts separated at each specific job location.  Allows you to store the parts safely until they are ready to be used.  The carts can be nested for easy storage.

Terms, Conditions & Warranty Information.

All metal components are warranted against defect in material and workmanship for 2 years from date of purchase. Electronic components are warranted for 1 year from ship date. You are required to call our support department at 866-694-2278 to troubleshoot any problems prior to an RMA being issued.
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Custom Orders: 
Due to their unique nature, we are unable to accept returns of customized products, unless, a defect in manufacturing is present as reasonably determined by us. Please make sure that you approve the proof and check material specifications.
Returned Goods Policy:
Returns will not be accepted without prior written authorization and compliance with shipping instructions as provided by Goliath Carts. All goods must be returned in good condition and freight prepaid. A minimum restocking charge of 30% is made on all authorized returns of standard product for credit. An additional charge will be made for any repairs as necessary.

Please contact our sales department at 866-694-2278 for any additional information.