Dent Fix Equipment DF-EZ10 Parking Sensor Lens Hole Maker

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Dent Fix Equipment DF-EZ10 Parking Sensor Lens Hole Maker

The Parking Sensor and Lens Hole Maker (Part No. DF-EZ10) from Dent Fix Equipment is the precise and clean way to create holes in order to install driver assist sensors on replacement bumpers.

The DF-EZ10 system is designed to punch a hole in the bumper or fender without damaging the paint. Ease of use combined with a wide variety of sizes, makes this tool a must have for any shop.
Able to cut holes in plastic bumpers up to 5mm in thickness, the kit includes a 5/16" HSS drill bit to create a guide hole and varied discs that can punch holes in the following sizes (mm):17, 18, 18.2, 19, 20, 22.5, 24, 26, 26.7, & 32.

  1. Determine the location of the sensor on the inside of the bumper cover or part. If there is no indication of the sensor hole location follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for determining the proper hole location.
  2. Drill a pilot hole in the middle of the sensor location with the included drill bit and drill (not included).
  3. Once the desired sensor hole diameter is determined, select the corresponding 3-pieces plate column from the kit. (Pushing Plate/Top Cutting Plate/Bottom Cutting Plate). Each column cuts 2 different sizes.
  4. Assemble (See Diagram) the Bottom Cutting Plate to the Center Piece Screw with the desired hole size facing the plastic.
  5. Slide the Screw through the pilot hole on the outside of the plastic bumper cover with Bottom Cutting Plate touching the paint side.
  6. Place the matching Top Cutting Plate (from the column) to the Screw on the inside of the bumper cover. The desired cutting size should be facing the plastic.
  7. Install the Pushing Plate on the Screw, on top of the Top Cutting Plate. The Pushing Plate’s flat piece (with Dent Fix Logo) is facing away from the Top Cutting Plate.
  8. Install the Locking Bolt on Screw end. Screw on hand tight.
  9. Take a 13mm ratchet wrench (not included) and tighten the screw until the hole is punched.
  10. Reverse the locking bolt to separate the tool from the bumper.


Used Product Warranty Claims: A product is considered used when it has been used for more than 1 week and is no longer re-sellable. All used product warranty claims are to be returned to Dent Fix freight pre-paid. All used product will be repaired or replaced and returned to you via regular freight pre-paid. Expedited return shipments are sent freight collect.  Whether to repair or replace is at our sole discretion.
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Items with Specific Warranties:
DF-1 Stud Welder:  Lifetime – Chuck of slide hammer & Transformer. 5 year – Trigger switch.
DF-505 “The Maxi”: 5 years on internal components.
DF-601 Surge Protector: Lifetime – return for replacement if red L.E.D. does not light.
DF-900W Aluspot Stud Welder: 5 Years - Internal components.
DF-SPR67 Self-Piercing Riveter: 1 Year - Internal components.
DF-EZN1 & DF-EZN1G EZ Nitrogen Welders - 5 Years - Internal components.
 To extend this warranty, free of charge to One Year (365 days), simply fill out a Dent Fix Product Warranty Card (available upon request - and return it to us within 90 days from the date of purchase. Other warranties may apply, please check your product sheet for more information. This warranty does not apply where: repairs have been made or attempted without the assistance of or by an authorized Dent Fix Repair Center; repairs are required because of normal wear and tear; the tool has been abused or misused or improperly maintained; alterations have been made to the tool.
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