BendPak Short-Narrow Aluminum Deck (Pair)


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Aluminum Deck (Pair) 4-Post Lift Aluminum Deck Platform / Diamond Plate / Pair (5210207)

The optional aluminum deck makes every BendPak HD-7 and HD-9 series four-post lift even more versatile. It adds full-width flooring for upper-level storage and fluid protection for vehicles parked underneath.

Drip-Proof, Weatherproof & Foolproof Design

If you have a BendPak HD-7 or HD-9 series four-post lift, this optional, two-piece, full-length aluminum deck attaches easily between the runways, providing you with a platform for additional storage. The Aluminum Deck closes the center of your four-post lift which turns your four-post lift into a lifting platform that has a variety of applications.

The Aluminum Deck simultaneously increases your garage or shop’s square footage, and can be used for storing motorcycles, ATVs and other garage clutter. It also prevents potentially harmful fluids from dripping below the lift platform, so you can safely and confidently store precious cars and equipment underneath.

The lightweight Aluminum Deck transforms your lift into a mezzanine lifting system ideal for a busy and full garage. Its attractive diamond plate finish provides a sure-footed, non-slip surface that is both durable and good looking. Lightweight aluminum construction makes removal and installation a cinch, so you can always have hassle-free access to the vehicle’s underside. The Aluminum Deck gives you the power to wrench and store with ease, and adds an extra layer of flexibility to your four-post lift.

All Aluminum Deck Models

5210174 - Fits HD-7PXN HD-7PXW, HD-9STX, HD-9XW, HD-9XL, HD-9SWX / LONG NARROW Runway Setting / Pair

5210207 - Fits HD-7P, HD-7W, HD-9ST, HD-9, HD-9SW / SHORT NARROW Runway Setting / Pair

5210208 - Fits HD-7PXW, HD-9XW, HD-9XL, HD-9SWX / LONG WIDE Runway Setting / Pair
Width: 43" (1,090 mm)
Length: 89.5" (2,273 mm)
Height: 4.5" (114 mm)

5210209 - Fits HD-7W, HD-9, HD-9SW / SHORT WIDE Runway Setting / Pair
Width: 43" (1,090 mm)
Length: 77.5" (1,965 mm)
Height: 4.5" (114 mm)


  • Options to fit most HD-7 and HD-9 Series four-post lifts
  • Solid aluminum construction
  • Protects vehicles, equipment and flooring from harmful fluids
  • Easy mounting / dismounting
  • Additional storage

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