Bendpak HD-7P 7,000 Lbs Extra-Tall 4-Post Lift


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jmc-shipping-button.pngBendPak HD-7P 7,000-lb. Capacity Short Runways Extra-Tall 4 Post Lift

7,000-lb. Capacity / Narrow Car Lift / High Rise

The HD-7P is a 7,000-lb. capacity, narrow-configuration four-post lift. This model offers compact convenience, so it also helps maintain an open, fresh appearance in more spacious garages.

The HD-7P does not require a special foundation, nor does it involve complicated installation procedures. It's simply the perfect service lift for shops or garages with limited floor space. This four-post lift is about the size of a typical parking space and fits nicely as a residential or commercial parking lift. The applications are endless, but what else would you expect from BendPak? After being in this business for over 50 years, our reputation is as solid as our lifts. If you've ever owned a BendPak four-post lift, you know that means a lot.

Get the most out of smaller spaces and compact vehicles with BendPak’s HD-7P four-post lift. This narrow lift shaves 10.5” off the overall width of the lift, as well as the width between the columns. If you want a 7,000-lb. capacity four-post lift but can’t sacrifice the precious inches taken up by the HD-7W, this is the car lift for you. Store classic cars, racers and compact vehicles comfortably and safely

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  • 7,000-lb. maximum lifting capacity
  • High lift with short runways
  • Electric / hydraulic power system
  • Single hydraulic cylinder mounted underneath runway
  • Internal anti-sway slider blocks in each column
  • Oversized self-lubricating cable rollers
  • High-speed lifting
  • Features heavy-duty 3/8" aircraft cable
  • Rugged 1.25" roller axles
  • Multi-position safety locks in each column
  • Adjustable lock ladders
  • Ramps feature non-skid surface
  • Push-button pneumatic safety release
  • Optional 4,500-lb. capacity rolling jack available (Model RJ-45)


 Lifting Capacity*  7000 lbs. (3175 kg)
 *Max Capacity / Front Axle  3500 lbs. (1588 kg)
 *Max Capacity / Rear Axle  3500 lbs. (1588 kg)
 A - Min. Runway Height:  4,5" (114 mm)
 B - Max. Rise:  82" (2083 mm)
 C - Max. Lifting Height:  86,5" (2197 mm)
 Time to Full Rise:  35
 Outside Dimensions  
 D - Overall Width:  100,25" (2546 mm)
 E - Outside Length:  174" (4420 mm)
 F - Overall Length:  200" (5080 mm)
 G - Height of Columns:  100" (2540 mm)
 Inside Dimensions  
 H - Width Between Columns:  90,25" (2292 mm)
 I - Drive-Thru Clearance:  76,5" (1943 mm)
 J - Runway Width:  19" (483 mm)
 K - Length of Runways:  164" (4166 mm)
 L - Width Between Runways:  37,5" (953 mm) or
 M - Runway Centerline:  56,5" (1435 mm) or
 N - Outside Edge of Runways:  75,5" (1918 mm) or
 Minimum Wheelbase  
 Rated Capacity:  115" (2921 mm)
 75% Capacity:  100" (2540 mm)
 50% Capacity:  85" (2159 mm)
 25% Capacity:  70" (1778 mm)
 Locking Positions:  15
 Lock Spacing:  Every 4" / 102 mm
 Power Unit  
 Motor:  220 VAC / 60 Hz. 1Ph.
 Noise:  45 db
 Weight:  1,794-lbs. (813.8 kg)
 Dimensions:  166'' x 22'' x 42'' (4,203 mm x 559 mm x 1,066 mm)

Note: An air supply (minimum: 30 psi / 3 CFM) is required for the safety-lock mechanisms to function. It is solely the responsibility of the end-user to provide, install and maintain the air supply.

 * This dimension may be limited with the addition of rolling jacks. See rolling jack specifications on separate page.
** Special Voltages Available Upon Request
The design, material and specifications are subject to change without notice.




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