When to Recommend a Car Alignment for Your Customers

A tire alignment is a necessary maintenance procedure that should be performed every 6,000 miles or as needed. If your customer drives fast and furious and likes to run over curbs, they’ll probably need one sooner than that.

As a car repair shop owner, you must keep up with all the maintenance and repair equipment due to the developments in automotive technology and performance. One of the most important factors for keeping your customer’s car operating safely and comfortably is proper wheel alignment.

To do that, you'll need a car lift alignment rack to properly align the tires on your customers' cars. Otherwise, they'll probably return and complain that their car is too wobbly to drive.

However, you should keep an eye out for signs indicating they require a car adjustment. JMC Automotive provides further information on the typical signs your customer would require an alignment.

3 Reasons Your Customer Needs a Car Alignment

Steering Wheel Alignment

Steering Wheel is Not Centered

If your customer is driving straight down a flat, level road, the steering wheel should be almost completely straight. The steering wheel should be straight and centered and the vehicle symbol in the center should appear level to them.

It's time for an alignment if the wheel is misaligned by more than a few degrees in any direction. This will return their steering wheel to its original position and may enhance overall drivability.

Abnormal Tire Wear in Certain Spots

Tire wear patterns can reveal a lot of information about a vehicle's condition. Tire wear patterns can be used by a skilled technician to make educated assumptions about tire pressures, suspension conditions, and alignment issues.

Tires with only wear on the inside or outside edges may indicate a problem with the camber adjustment. Scalloped edge or feathering of the tires indicates an issue with toe adjustment. When a professional performs a tire rotation or an inspection during a service, they will most likely observe tire wear.

Proper alignment extends the life of the tires, therefore if you see any unusual tire wear patterns, you should have recommended aligning their tires.

Handling Feels Loose When Driving

Poor wheel alignment is one of the possible causes if a customer complains that their car's steering feels a little loose or unstable. When driving, this can feel like the car is wandering across the road, or it may feel incredibly loose and sloppy through curves.

If they notice symptoms like this, check and correct the alignment if necessary.

High-Quality Car Lift Alignment Machines

Since improper wheel alignment can cause a variety of drivability and early wear issues, it's best to recommend to your customer to have their car checked as soon as possible. Your customers will be pleased by how great the car drives once the suspension has been checked and an alignment completed.

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