Top 5 ways to bring more clients to your auto repair shop

Top 5 ways to bring more clients to your auto repair shop

7th Sep 2022

Whether you're an old-time auto repair shop owner or taking over a family business, at some point you've probably hit a dead end when it comes to bringing in new clients and more business. Your marketing strategy that may once have brought in floods of interested clientele may now be somewhat lacking and out of touch. Keeping up with marketing and social media trends is demanding, that's why we're going to share some of our top tips on how to bring in new customers to your shop without a huge marketing budget involved.

Invest in Branded automotive equipment

First of all, be prepared. With a stream of new clients coming through the door you'll want to make sure that you invest in the most reliable and high quality tools and shop equipment to ensure a quality car repair. With this in mind you'll easily be able to attract new customers, retain existing clients, and maximize profit margins in your shop using brands like BendPak, AMGO Hydraulics, and Auto Dolly & Merrick Originals.

If you can ensure a high quality service and even higher quality tools then you can rest assured that clients are more likely to come back for repeat business rather than go to your competitors.

A car repairs advice blog

To battle a period of ‘slow shop’ and remedy everyone sitting around, twiddling thumbs, and just generally feeling disheartened, get a blog started. Use your mechanics and their expertise to provide direct value to your most fitting customers. Start with the basics and work your way through all the shared knowledge in the shop about fixing the most common problems to more speciality or niche areas. Talk about car parts, the best shop tools and where to find them or helpful maintenance advice, of course not forgetting to mention that they should come down to your shop for some hands on advice and demonstrations. Always get them to subscribe to your blogs for the latest tips and ‘how to’ guides.´

Social Media posting

No better way to build your brand as an expert than to maintain your digital identity. Create an Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter account and tweat the hell out of your services. Algorithms on social media mean that the more you publish, the more you'll be published, it's not rocket science and it doesn't matter so much if it's professional quality stuff, just get it out there. Consistent posting reinforces your presence in the industry and just shows that you’re active and ready to help.

In 2022 building a social media presence is critical to business so start building your following and get friends, family and workmates to share and like your content on all platforms. Here are some content ideas:

  • Links to your latest blogs
  • Take photos of the before and after work on projects
  • Make short videos on your phone of your men fixing simple to complex problems
  • DIY maintenance advice
  • Customer testimonials

Always provide a call to action in each post or story, encouraging interaction. It's that simple and doesn't involve getting your hands dirty. Prepare for an influx of enquiries and have someone dedicated to managing your social media accounts because the faster your reply the more likely the prospect is to jump in their car and head down to your shop.

Blog o Vlog? ¿Conoces su diferencia? - DigitalWeb

Customer referrals

A stream of customers coming in from multiple sources means more customers. No shame in actively growing your business via your existing network of regular clientele. Contact anyone who's been in your shop for the last 9-12 months via email, phone or text message, ask them how they're doing, anything they need fixing, and mention that you'll offer a 5-10% discount on their next vehicle inspection check for everyone they refer. Make sure that you have business cards ready to hand out to them, with all your social media accounts linked, and ask if they'd leave a comment on your website or post something on their own social media account linking your business.

For every new customer that gets referred to you, make sure to send a thank you email with a coupon attached for their next visit. Keep them hooked and they'll stay loyal to your services.

How to Ask for Referrals & Get More Customers Fast

Get Reviewed

As a new customer before visiting the physical location the first thing they're going to do is check the reviews, so make sure yours are excellent ones! Call up your clients and ask them for feedback, ask them why they keep coming back to you and if they'd review you on Facebook or Yelp. Constructive criticism here also helps you to better your service and tailor it to what your customers need. The more reviews you have, good, bad or neutral the more trust you'll start to build.

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