Car Lifts, Tire Changers, and Other Essential Auto Shop Upgrades

Your automotive repair shop has established a strong presence in your community — congratulations. But the success of your business doesn’t end there. Success depends on the positive changes you make. For auto repair shops and body shops, these changes include the equipment you use to get the job done.

It’s important to review your current work processes and adjust your services based on client feedback. But it’s also important to check your equipment and decide whether you should upgrade your tire changer or add a new car lift to your shop. These changes could improve your services and attract more clients.

Pay attention to the essential tools and equipment that need an upgrade:

Car Lifts and Alignment Equipment

Monthly maintenance is recommended for your car lifts. You need to make sure the arm adjusting locks are still secure, the cable connections remain rust-free, and the floor anchor bolts stay in place.

If you find yourself scheduling maintenance services more often, however, it might be more cost-efficient to replace your car lifts entirely. You might also be wondering whether you should switch from symmetric to asymmetric car lifts or vice versa. Our team helps you determine which one covers your garage needs.

Tire Changers and Wheel Balancers

Your tire changers and wheel balancers are some of the most used equipment in the auto repair shop. But as diligent as your team is with routine cleaning and maintenance, wear and tear remain inevitable.

Consider what type of vehicles you most commonly service. If their tires are relatively the same size, opt for changers and balancers that can do the job with reduced manual effort. If you’re starting to accommodate larger tires and wheels, start making room for heavier-duty equipment in your shop.

Air Conditioning Equipment and Tools

Heating and air conditioning problems are arguably some of the most common concerns that potential customers call you for. As your auto shop gets bigger, make sure your tools and equipment are updated.

Stay updated with AC-related concerns in newer car models and switch to equipment that accommodates those. On a related note, consider upgrading your leak detection system. It helps you detect suspicious leaks faster. As a result, customers will be satisfied with how fast you can address their AC concerns.

Collision Repair and Restoration Equipment

It’s one thing to provide auto repair services like routine maintenance, engine part replacements, tire rotation, and car oil changes. Collision repair and restoration services are more complex.

Collision repair involves more procedures like frame reconstruction, body work like welding and sanding, and paint matching. You have to survey internal and external damages, and provide both mechanical and cosmetic repair solutions. Before diving into that, make sure you have all the specialized tools you need.

Planning to upgrade your auto repair shop equipment?

Our goal at JMC Automotive Equipment is to find the right equipment for your automotive repair shop. We want your business to reach its full potential and stay on top of the game. Let’s discuss the most suitable equipment upgrades for your shop. Call us today at 800-562-4791.