Auto Body Collision Repair: 4 Essential Tools and Equipment

Auto body collision repair shops look at the internal and external damage to the vehicle, mending its mechanical and cosmetic issues to restore the car back to its original condition. With this, they would need specialized tools and equipment other than the standard ones used by auto repair centers.

Below are some of the cosmetic auto body repair tools necessary for collision specialists.

Automotive Paint Booth

Automotive spray paint booths help make the painting and finishing process safer and more efficient. First, these booths give you a designated and clean space for painting tasks. Automotive paint has hazardous substances that can harm your employees. Containing the paint fumes in one area helps keep the shop and the people inside safe.

Also, dirt and dust can easily get stuck on a car’s wet paint. When the debris dries with the paint, it can ruin the vehicle’s finish. A paint booth helps keep these contaminants away, guaranteeing a smooth, clean paint job.

Some spray booths also have additional perks. Humidity control systems help dry the paint faster and filters minimize the fumes.

Dual Action Sander

A dual-action sander is another essential auto body repair tool. It significantly cuts the time spent on sanding, polishing, and body filler shaping. This tool can also strip paint and grind it all the way down to the bare metal.

The sander can cover large areas of the surface you’re working on as well, which helps speed up grinding and polishing even more. This gives you more time for other tasks, increasing your efficiency.

The great thing about a dual-action sander is that you can do two different tasks by simply flicking a switch. You can easily go from sanding to buffing in one switch.

Slide Hammer or Stud Welder

Dents are among the most common damage sustained in an auto collision. As such, dent repair tools like stud welders or slide hammers are important. Slide hammers use screws or hook adapters to pull dents. They come with a set of various attachments to suit different kinds of dents.

Stud welder dent pullers, on the other hand, spot-welds a stud in place to pull the dent. The stud snaps off after the dent is pulled. Then, you’ll need to grind the area until the excess stud is smoothed down.

Body Hammer and Dolly

A hammer and dolly set is vital to professional panel beating. The hammer does the physical shaping and heavy lifting, while the dolly directs and holds the shape of the metal. With ample experience, it can be used to correct even stubborn dents. Auto body hammers are usually built to last, so purchasing a top-grade one would be a long-term investment.

Remember to source your auto body shop equipment and tools from a reputable company to ensure their quality.

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