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Automotive Parts That Improve Car Performance

Automotive Parts and Tools

Are you looking for ways to improve the performance of the cars you service? Depending on the owner, the cars that pass through your shop might need some serious upgrades. Someone might even want to increase the speed of their engine to drive with more of a race car feeling. Whatever the reason, making sure every car you touch leaves in top automotive health and running at optimum can give you much needed peace of mind as a mechanic or shop owner.

You are probably aware of this, but many car manufacturers limit the potential performance of the cars they release. Sometimes this is done to increase longevity if the owner doesn't stick to a consistent maintenance schedule.

How Do You Measure Performance?

How do you measure performance?

Vehicle performance can be measured by the amount of fuel consumed, the output of emissions, or a car's kinetic energy.

If you want to maximize power and conserve fuel on the cars that you service, there are a few simple adjustments that you can make. Encourage customers to chain their oil regularly and make sure all tires are inflated properly. It is recommended that you inform customers to change their oil every 5,000 to 7,000 miles. Also, advise them to consult the manual which will have detailed information about what type of service their vehicle will need at different mileage points. Encourage them to visit your shop as professional tune-ups can keep their car running at top performance. As an automotive shop, you will be able to change transmission fluid and filters and spark plugs which all increase daily performance.

The list below includes automotive parts that can make a variety of improvements to any car or vehicle. These changes can alter acceleration speed, reduce fuel consumption, and help to give customers better control on the road.

John Dow Industries Jdi-22Dcx 22-Gal. Oil Change Station

John Dow Industries Oil Change Station

Changing the oil of a vehicle regularly is something that every shop owner will do to increase a customer's car performance. This system will allow you to efficiently change the oil. It is specifically designed for high volume shops with a 22-gallon capacity drain.

Tuxedo Wb-448 Truck Wheel Balancer

Tuxedo Truck Wheel Balancer

Wheel balancing is a service that every shop should offer to its customers who are looking to improve vehicle performance. Over time, wheels lose their balance. They need to be corrected otherwise the tires will be uneven which makes for an unpleasant driving experience. Vehicles with unbalanced tires can vibrate and shake while on the road. To prevent this you need to use a quality wheel balancer in your shop. The Tuxedo Wb-448 is quick and accurate, able to balance up to 298lbs at any time.

Tuxedo CK-TC950WPA-WB953 Tire Changer, Wheel Balancer Combo Package

Tuxedo CK-TC950WPA-WB953 Tire Changer, Wheel Balancer Combo Package

Many customers who come to your automotive shop will want to switch their tires to increase performance. Adding high-performance tires is one of the best ways to improve how a car drives and handles the road. Low-quality tires can wear out quickly, which means they will have to continuously be replaced and will underperform in harsher weather conditions.

The Tuxedo combo package is not only a tire changer but also a wheel balancer. Having the two combined can provide you with extra work or storage piece. Two essential pieces of specialized equipment brought together to make your job of increasing car performance just a bit easier.

Robinair 34788NI-H Premier R-134A Refrigerant Recovery, Recycling, and Recharging Machine for Hybrid and Non-Hybrid Vehicles

Robinair 34788NI-H Premier R-134A Refrigerant Recovery, Recycling, and Recharging Machine for Hybrid and Non-Hybrid Vehicles

Having a safe way to extract harmful gasses from the air conditioning system of a vehicle is important for any shop. These systems from Robinair are equipped to work on both hybrid and no-hybrid cars. It is also able to do a leak test without opening valve panels. This premium product comes with a series of advanced technology features. If you are looking for a product that has an automatic oil drain and that is focused on air condition system repair then you should you use the Robinair 34788NI Premier R-134A Refrigerant Recovery, Recycling, and Recharging Machine.

There are many enhancements that you can make to a customer's vehicle to improve performance. If you are looking for quality equipment, we have over two decades of experience providing high-quality automotive equipment at affordable prices. Contact us to learn more about the products we offer.