Automotive Paint Booth Equipment

Looking for a Paint Booth?

Whether you're starting a shop or adding car painting services to your shop, automotive paint booths are great investments. They help you control the work environment to complete car paint jobs fast and safely.

What automotive paint booth system is right for your shop? It depends. You need to consider your shop's size, the estimated volume of car paint jobs in a day, and the types of vehicles you'll cater to. You can also call us up to see which would be the best paint booth for your shop. We carry a selection of automotive paint booth equipment, including full downdraft booths, semi downdraft, side downdraft, and crossdraft booths. Not to mention, we also carry paint mixing rooms, and prep stations. So if you are in the need of an auto body paint booth, give us a call at 800-562-4791 to get you the absolute best booth for your shop.

We can do paint booth installations all over the United States.

Automotive Paint Booth Equipment

JMC Equipment carries spray paint booth equipment for sale from manufacturers such as RGI Paint Booths and Ideal Equipment. These manufacturers are known for their paint booths, finishing systems, paint mixing rooms, prep stations in the automotive, wood finishing, marine and sign design & production industries. We however, focus on the automotive industry providing auto body shops with paint booth equipment solutions and paint booth installations.

The majority of the paint spray booths that we carry are ETL certified and are warranted by the manufacturers that we work with. Our experience with spray paint booth technology is second to none and we will guide you from the beginning to end in choosing the correct paint booth for you auto body shop.

The different types of spray paint booths for sale that we carry are

Downdraft Paint Booth

Downdraft Paint Booth

A downdraft paint booth is an enclosed booth that generates air from the top of the booth all the way to the bottom of the booth and needs either a pit or a raised basement in order to work properly. This is by far the best type of booth you can have because it is the most efficient and it is extremely clean. 

With this auto body paint booth, the air is exhausted underneath the vehicle. It pulls overspray, dust, and other contaminants downward and away from the workers — no matter where they stand inside the booth.

Again, you have the option to either construct a pit or avoid concrete work with a raised steel basement. Either way, trust us to assist you with the installation of a new car paint booth for your auto body shop.

Side Draft Paint Booth

Side Draft Paint Booth

A side draft paint booth pushes the filtered air through the ceiling and exhausting the air through the side walls. The entire ceiling is filtered and usually the entire side wall is also filtered which helps with the exhaust. 

The side draft configuration delivers an even airflow around the vehicle and draws contaminants away from the painter and the finish, leading to a safe, clean, and quality paint job. The draft pattern with this type of auto body paint booth is similar to that of a downdraft booth. But side draft has an advantage over some automotive paint booth systems and equipment: it doesn't require steel or concrete work before installation.

Semi DownDraft Paint Booth

Semi Downdraft Paint Booth

The semi downdraft paint booth operates much like the crossdraft paint booth filtering the air through the front of the paint booth and exhausted through the back of the paint booth. This creates a diagonal pattern from the front of the booth to the real of the booth. 

Unlike cross draft booths, a semi downdraft type of auto body paint booth has an upper plenum that allows you to add a heated paint booth air makeup unit without the need to do major construction work. The heated air speeds up temperature-sensitive painting processes, getting cars out of the car paint booth faster. That's a huge advantage if you want a cost-effective paint booth for your auto body shop. 

Crossdraft Paint Booth

Crossdraft Paint Booth

The crossdraft is the most popular paint booth in the automotive field due to its economical value. It filters the air through the front of the booth and exhausts the air at the back creating a steady patter on air flow all the way through from the front to the back of the booth. 

Besides the price tag, the simple design of a crossdraft booth makes it an attractive option for auto shops. For one, its simple design makes this car paint booth easy to operate. Moreover, performing routine maintenance or minor repairs would be much easier on this booth than in the automotive paint booths with complex designs. If you're opening a shop or you don't have high-volume paint jobs yet, it's best to buy and start with this auto paint booth. You can upgrade as your business grows, anyway.

If you have any questions about the kind of paint booth you need to get for your shop, JMC Equipment has a team of specialists that are ready to help you out. Call us up at 800-562-4791. Looking forward to hearing from you!!!