Baileigh Rollers

Baileigh's Bead, Ring, Plate and Slip Rollers

Rollers are a commonly found in manufacturing facilities because they help shape and stiffen metals. They are used in metal fabrication jobs like wheel tubs, floor pans, bomber seat, and more. Manufacturers use them to add strength and style.

JMC Equipment offers Baileigh bead rollers,  ring rollers, plate rollers and slip rollers to help you make the sheet metal parts of your auto project more durable and rigid.

Form metal and create the right design using our products. If you perform auto repair or restoration work, our bead rollers can also help you cut down on costs. Our equipment is a better alternative to hunting down rare parts or hiring a company to custom-make the car products for you.

Bead Rolling Machines for Various Industries

Bead rollers are a versatile metal working tool. These powerful machines make surfaces durable. Furthermore, they can create complex designs and strengthen sheet metal without adding weight. Customers use our products for HVAC equipment, decorative purposes, vehicles, and other applications.

Ideal Equipment for Racing Teams and Auto Body Shops

Your auto repair shop would benefit from investing in Baileigh manual ring rollers and bead rollers because our heavy-duty equipment can take on sheet metal work. With them, you can fabricate parts on par with the original.

Our metal bead rollers come in various sizes you can mount on stands or workbenches. This way, you’ll have extra power and more control over your fabricated automotive parts. They can handle steel, aluminum, and other common metals.

Trusted Automotive Parts

Automotive builders count on us for quality products and fabrications. We make it possible for you to create ducts, radiators, fuel lines, dashboards, and other OEM and custom parts.

Ensure service quality and productivity at your auto service shop or facility with our industrial bead rollers. Contact us to learn more about our Baileigh products.

Baileigh Rollers

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