Baileigh Hammers

Baileigh Hammers and Mallets

Equip your facility with functional and heavy duty hammers. Our hammers are mallet-like tools that absorb tremors and minimize the risk of leaving marks on soft surfaces. Apart from preventing damage, however, JMC Equipment’s Baileigh hammers for sale guarantee less worker fatigue and reverberation.

Softface Hammers: Reduces Rebound, Absorbs Impact

Featuring reduced recoil and minimized surface marring on hard surfaces, our soft face hammers don't damage your metalwork. The striking force and dead-blow durability of the tool make it ideal for machinists, mechanics, and metal fabricators.

As a non-sparking hammer, moreover,it lowers your chance of ignition by friction or creating a chemically generated spark at your facility. This tool is preferable in environments with solvents, vapors, dust, liquids, and other residues.

Hardface and Bossing: Shock-Absorbant Properties with Multiple Uses

Customers use our hammers for various applications. Our flat hard face hammers provide dead-blow durability, making them the ideal tool for flattening metal and removing dents. For precision work during the early stages of metal shaping, fabricators use our bossing mallets to get the job done without leaving a scratch.

Power Hammer: A Useful Automotive Repair Tool

Unlike conventional hammers, power hammers use non-muscular power to perform hammering work. The minimal impact force they generate makes the tool useful when performing engine or transmission repair. They can help build custom cars and choppers to create various aerospace and automotive parts. Our hammers ensure an efficient job every time.

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Baileigh Hammers

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