Baileigh DP-2012F-HD-V3 220V Single Phase 20" Floor Drill Press 12 Spindle Speeds, 16.5"x18.5" Table MT4, LED Worklight


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Baileigh DP-2012F-HD-V3 220V Single Phase 20" Floor Drill Press 12 Spindle Speeds, 16.5"x18.5" Table MT4, LED Worklight

This mammoth has a 20” swing and a cast iron 16.5"x 18.5" oversized table and can handle just about anything that you can throw at it. The 3.6” diameter column and 24” x 16.5” cast iron base make for one rigid structure.

The DP-2012F-HD-V3 uses 220 volt single phase power to turn its MT4 spindle to 3200 rpms. The range of speeds is done through the use of six pulleys that give the DP-2012F-HD-V3 12 spindle speeds. It also includes a drill chuck that can opens to a maximum of ¾”.


 Item Number  DP-2012F-HD-V3
 Spindle Speeds  12 - 220 to 3200 rpm
 Distance from Spindle to Table  26"
 Distance from Spindle to Base  46.75"
 Included Accesories  Included Accesories
 Shipping Weight  390lbs
 Table Size (Length)  16.5"
 Table Size (Width)  18.5"
 Swing  20"
 Spindle  MT4
 Drill Capacity  1.25"
 RPM  150-4200
 Spindle Travel  4.75"
 Drill Chuck Capacity  1/32" - 5/8” (JT3 key)
 T-Slot Size  3 @ 5/8"
 Power  220V Single Phase
 Length  35.4"
 Width  25.6"
 Height  66.7"
 Horse Power  2 hp
 Weight (lbs)  259
 Shipping Dimensions (Inches)  69x44x24

*Specifications subject to change without notice.

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DP-2012F-HD-V3 Manual


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