Zinko ZR-502S 50 Ton 1.94" Stroke Stainless Steel Cylinder

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Zinko ZR-502S 50 Ton 1.94" Stroke Stainless Steel Cylinder

Stainless Steel Cylinder, 50 TON 2" STROKE, Water Pressure Operated. These stainless steel cylinders operate with water pressure rather than hydraulic fluid and are a perfect fit for any application that cannot support the accidental leakage of hydraulic fluid. Excellent choice for cleanrooms, shipbuilding, and medical applications.


  • Cylinders utilize water as the operational fluid.
  • Lightweight and compact design based on durable stainless steel material.
  • There are no flammable materials used in the operation of these cylinders.
  • There is no risk of contamination of the environment that these cylinders are used in. Capacity(ton): 50
  • Stroke(in): 1.97"
  • Rod Diameter(in)A: 3.35"
  • Cylinder Bore Diameter(in)B: 3.74"
  • Cylinder Outside Diameter(in)C: 5.12"
  • Closed Ht.(in)D: 6.89"


Capacity (ton) 50 ton
Min. Height (in) 6.89"
Max. Height (in) 8.86"
Base Area (in) 5.12" (dia)