Zinko ZPE-65SVG-7L Electric Pump, 4-Way, 3-Pos. Manual Valve, 1.05 G Usable Oil


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Zinko ZPE-65SVG-7L Electric Pump, 4-Way, 3-Pos. Manual Valve, 1.05 G Usable Oil


The ZPE-65SVG series has been developed for those looking for higher performance from a portable pump. High fluid output makes this pump the perfect option for jobs that require fast cycle times.

Max. Pressure:
           1st Stage 1015 psi
           2nd Stage 10,000 psi (700 bar) 
Output Per Stroke: 
           1st Stage 244 in³ / stroke
           2nd Stage 26 in³ / stroke


  1. These pumps feature a high performance 2-stage operation that provides a high flow rate of 244 cubic inches per minute during the first stage up to 1,015 psi by unloading the valves in the pump. 
  2. Standard size comes with 3 way manual valve for use with single-acting cylinders. 3 way/Advance/Hold/Retract. 2-way solenoid valve also available upon request. 
  3. 4-way/3 position valve for use with double-acting cylinders. Designed to easily accept various kinds of stacking valves such as solenoid valves, relief valves, and check valves. 
  4. Lightweight and portable, weighing between 35-44 lbs. Pump comes with easy carrying handle and remote pendant switches. 
  5. Choose from models with options that include adjustable pressure regulator, pressure switch, and valves. Solenoid valved pumps combine maximum productivity, plus easy use, and are the ideal choice for production, lifting, and maintenance applications. 
  6. Standard size comes with 0.8 gallon reservoir, and has 0.53 gallon usable oil. Larger size 2 gallon reservoir with 1.5 gallon usable oil also available upon request.


Type E
AC (V) 110
Output (HP) 0.87
Revolution (rpm) 2000
Oil Capacity (in³) 184 (0.8 Gal)
Usable Oil Capacity (in³) 122 (0.53 Gal)



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