Easy-Kleen EZP390 Modular Hot Water Heaters Propane Fired Pressure Washer


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Easy-Kleen EZP390 Modular Hot Water Heaters Propane Fired Pressure Washer

Stand-alone heaters designed for heating high-pressure water efficiently.

Overall Features Modular Hot Water Heaters - Gas Fired or Electric

  • Heating Coil: Heating Coil, elliptically wound cold process of stretched reduced full body normalized ASTM A53/APIPSL schedule 80 or 160 pipe, and is structurally braced to minimize pipe wear and vibration, all completely sealed with ceramic blanket with stainless steel coil skin for total efficiency. You will save time and money on heat-up time and fuel every time you use an Easy Kleen hot water cleaning systems.
  • Gas Burners: Natural aspirated ring cast burner with six oxygen port brass burner nozzles for lower emissions controlled by millivolt or 24 volt gas valves.
  • Electrically Heated Heater: 316 stainless steel heat exchanger coil, designed for continuous use, large 70 gallon (single coil models) and 120 gallon (dual coil models) heater storage tanks – allows for continuous recovery even when trigger gun (s) not in use, no open flame, can be installed in virtually any location, compact foot print, stand and explosion proof models, no venting required, heater exchanger coils do not require decalcification, require less KW than input direct-immersion type electrically heated models, low heat exchanger solution cut-off switch, adjustable temperature controller, pin- type Calrod heating elements with incoloy sleeves.

Specific Features of EZP390

 PSI  5000
 INPUT  390,000 BTU
 SIZE  22 X 26 X 44


 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm


Other Models

Natural Gas (EZN) & Propane (EZP) Fired Heaters

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Electric Heaters

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 EHE72-2  4000  72 KW  24X36X48
 EH99-2  4000  99KW  24X36X48

Easy Kleen Warranty 

Easy-Kleen original equipment is warrantied for a specific period and on the conditions set forth, that the product is free from defect in materials and workmanship as follows:

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