Schley Products 64300 Lexus And Toyota Harmonic Damper Pulley Holding Tool

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Features and Benefits:

  • Developed to aid in the removal and installation of the crank bolt on Lexus and Toyota engines
  • The bolt is extremely tight and removal is extremely difficult at best
  • Factory specifications require up to 280 pounds of torque to seat the pulley properly. This tool allows the factory torque to be attained
  • This special tool is needed to remove the crank shaft bolt - no factory tool available
  • Hole in center of tool - allows access to removal of crank shaft bolt
  • Offset breaker bar attachment point - allows easy removal and replacement of crank shaft bolt to factory torque specifications
  • Low profile design - no need to remove radiator or other components to access and remove Harmonic Damper Pulley.

This holding tool works with the following engines: Lexus 1990 and later: 3.0 L6 3.0 V6 3.3 V6 4.0 V8 4.3 V8 4.7 V8. Toyota 1996 and later: 3.0 V6 3.3 V6 4.0 V6 4.7 V8. also 4 cyl: 1983-1995 22RE 1995-2004 2RZ & 1995-2004 3RZ.


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