Saf-T-Lite 1925-2025 STUBBY II Led With 3-Watt End Led, 25' Cord, With In-Line Tool Tap


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Saf-T-Lite 1925-2025 STUBBY II LED With 3-Watt End LED, 25' Cord, With In-Line Tool Tap

Professional grade Saf-T-Lite Stubby II with side work light and end light feature. The Stubby ii family of products fits comfortably in the hand. Its light smoothing technology creates a smooth, nearly shadowless light output. The stubby II with end light is an integral tool in any shop or toolbox.


  • 1000 Lumen Side Work Light & 125 Lumen Flashlight.
  • LEDs are rated to 50,000 hours.
  • 5000K colored bright white light.
  • 10 Amp Inline Tool Tap.
  • Switch in handle controls side and end LEDs.
  • Polycarbonate outer tube is extremely durable.
  • Twin steel hook, not a plastic hook that can be broken.
  • Inline Tool Tap with hinged outlet cover to keep dirt and debris out.


 Case Qty  6
 Case Weight  23
 Cord Capacity  13 amps
 Cord Conductor  3
 Cord Gauge  16
 Cord Length  25ft.
 Cord Type  SJTO
 Lamp Type  High Output LEDs
 Model Amp Draw  .170
 Model Hertz  60
 Light Fixture Length  11.5"
 Model Listings  UL
 Light Fixture Diameter  2.25"
 Model Unit Size  Each
 Model Voltage  120VAC
 Outer Tube Name  Tough-Shield
 Tool Tap Capacity  12 amps
 Tool Tap Information  Single Receptacle