Saf-T-Lite 1060-4034 The Lite Grip 82 Lbs. Magnet, 3/4In. Flex Neck, L Bracket


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Saf-T-Lite 1060-4034 The Lite Grip 82 LBS. Magnet, 3/4in. Flex Neck, L Bracket

The STUBBY FLEX LIGHT GRIP is a versatile and convenient tool that ensures the secure placement of your stubby light. With its magnetic base, this 3/4" X 6" accessory provides a reliable and hands-free solution for anyone needing an extra hand. No more worrying about holding your light while working on projects or tasks that require both hands. This STUBBY FLEX LIGHT GRIP is designed to fit your stubby light, offering stability and ease of use. Its compact size and flexible construction make it an ideal companion for various applications. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional, the STUBBY FLEX LIGHT GRIP is the perfect accessory to enhance productivity and convenience.