Easy-Kleen EZO5010D/-KUB Mobile Industrial Hot Water Diesel driven and fired Pressure Washer


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Easy-Kleen EZO5010D/-KUB Mobile Industrial Hot Water Diesel driven and fired Pressure Washer

This series of hot water pressure washers was designed to be truck or trailer mounted for mobile washing purposes. These units are ideal for use within municipal, mining, oil field, forestry, and industrial cleaning operations. These units can also be mounted on a skid frame in combination with 225, 550, or 740 gallon water tanks and a variety of hose reel and accessory options to create a totally customizable self-contained system.

Overall Features Industrial Hot Water Diesel

  • Pump: Industrial Duty General triplex plunger pump with oil bath crankcase, stainless steel valves, and all brass manifolds, belt-driven and available as gearbox driven.
  • Engine: Kohler and Kubota engines for efficiency and serviceability.


  • Heating Coil: Heating Coil, elliptically wound cold process of stretched reduced full body normalized ASTM A53/APIPSL schedule 80 and 160 pipe. It is structurally braced to minimize pipe wear and vibration all completely sealed with ceramic blanket with stainless steel coil skin for total efficiency. You will save time and money on heat up time and fuel every time you use an Easy Kleen hot water cleaning system. 120 volt burner is powered by a 2000 watt generator.
  • Burners: Quality North American made 12 volt and 120 volt oil fired burner controls with adjustable thermostats are used for efficiency, dependability and serviceability. Unit is equipped with a cleanable fuel filter.
  • Frame: Frames are constructed of extra heavy duty square tubing with fully welded 1/4” plates and bracing completed with a powder-coated high gloss finish. All bolts are tapped or threaded into plate or the bolt heads are welded for ease of service. Four lifting lugs and forklift slots have been configured into the design for convenient handling. All components are built inside the frame for protection. Machine is complete with a user-friendly control panel. Units are available in skid mount, skid mount including tank, super wheel kit, truck mount, and trailer mount. (On 8 to 10 GPM units, fuel tanks are optional).
  • Includes: Liquid filled pressure gauge, fully adjustable pressure regulator, and chemical injector. 50 ft hose, gun, and wand assembly, and five nozzles.

Specific Features of EZO5010D/-KUB

 GPM  10
 PSI  5000
 BTU  1,00,000
 HP  58


WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm



Other Models

 EZO3204D  4  3000  400,000  BELT  9.8  KOHLER
 EZO3204D-G  4  3000  400,000  BELT  9.8  KOHLER
 EZO3506D  6  3500  600,000  BELT  26  KOHLER
 EZO3506D-G  6  3500  600,000  BELT  26  KOHLER
 EZO3508D  8  3500  800,000  BELT  26  KOHLER
 EZO3508D-G  8  3500  800,000  BELT  26  KOHLER
 EZO3010D  10  3000  1,00,000  BELT  26  KOHLER
 EZO3010D-G  10  3000  1,000,000  BELT  26  KOHLER
 EZO5005D  5  5000  500,000  BELT  26  KOHLER
 EZO5005D-G  5  5000  500,000  BELT  26  KOHLER
 EZO5010 D  10  5000  1,00,000  BELT  58  KUBOTA
 EZO5010 D-G  10  5000  1,000,000  BELT  58  KUBOTA
 EZO6004 D  4  6000  400,000  BELT  26  KOHLER
 EZO6004 D-G  4  6000  400,000  BELT  26  KOHLER
 EZO7004 D  4  7000  400,000  BELT  26  KOHLER
 EZO7004 D-G  4  7000  400,000  BELT  26  KOHLER
 EZO8008 D  8  8000  1,000,000  BELT  58  KUBOTA
 EZO8008 D-G  8  8000  1,000,000  BELT  58  KUBOTA
 EZO11506D  6  11,500  800,000  BELT  58  KUBOTA
 EZO4020D  20  4000  1,800,000  BELT  58  KUBOTA

Easy Kleen Warranty 

Easy-Kleen original equipment is warrantied for a specific period and on the conditions set forth, that the product is free from defect in materials and workmanship as follows:

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