Titan Motorcycle Lifts

In an industry that’s as competitive as the auto repair shop industry, it’s your obligation as a shop owner to arm yourself with the very best manufacturers have to offer. Now, many big shops with money sometimes just buy the most expensive pieces of equipment because customers will visually respond better to high-end expensive equipment but as you may know, in this industry, more expensive is not always better.

When browsing around for motorcycle lifts there are dozens of options that are available and choosing the one that’s “right” is easier said than done. You want to look at price, capacity, warranty, specifications and last but not least, manufacturer.

Today here at JMC we want to talk about a specific motorcycle lift manufacturer that’s been making noise in the industry from their home in Greenwood, Indiana thanks to their top of the line motorcycle lifts. They started as small fish in a big pond swimming with the likes of Bendpak and Challenger Lifts but in the motorcycle lifts department, our sales for the past few months say they’re no longer little fish.

Titan Motorcycle Lifts, Variety

The first thing you’ll notice when looking at Titan Motorcycle Lifts’ website is their ability to market their products better than most with their well organized catalog. This is important because it helps you admire their product line as well as easily read the specifications. Their descriptions are concise and graphically, these guys can’t go wrong. Here are the Titan Motorcycle Lifts that we carry here at JMC as well as a brief description of each.

Titan Motorcycle Lifts LDML - 1000L


Titan Lifts 1000L lift is an entry level motorcycle lift that will do jobs that most lifts of its characteristics won’t do. It features solid 12-gauge steel construction as well as a black powder coat finish. It also has a rubber padded wheel vise and an air over hydraulic power unit. It comes with Titan lifts 90-day parts warranty. Perfect for motorcycle enthusiasts and its wider frame attracts small repair shops to it as well.


Lift capacity - 1,000 lbs

Table Width - 26.75”

Table Length - 86.5”

Max Lifting Height - 30”

Lowered Height - 7”


Titan Motorcycle Lifts SDML - 1000D


Titan Lifts heavier duty diamond plated Titan 1000D is an air powered lift table also with 1,000 lb lifting capacity. It features an extra long working table so you won’t have to worry about those extra long motorcycles fitting on the the 99” workspace. It has a max lifting height of 33”. Choose between either black and grey or black and orange for its powder coating schemes.


Center Table Width - 24”

Center Table Length - 87.5”

Center Table Length w/ramp - 108”

Length w/Front Extension - 99”

Table length w/front ext & ramp - 120”

Max Lifting Height - 35”

Lowered Height - 8”


Titan Motorcycle Lifts SDML - 1000D XLT

Titan lifts 1000D is one of our highest selling item and one of the industry’s leading motorcycle lift but if you were looking for something with a bit more, why not check out it’s big brother, the 1000D-XLT Titan Motorcycle Lift. It’s basically the same 1000D but with side extensions, which gives it a larger platform. That means your projects aren’t just limited to motorcycles, on the contrary, these extensions allow you to work on ATVs, jet-skiis and even snowmobiles.


Center table width - 24”

Width w/Extensions - 48”

Center Table Length - 87.5”

Center Table Length w/Ramp - 108”

Length w/Front Extension - 99”

Table Length w/Front Extension & Ramp - 120”

Max Lifting Height - 35”

Lowered Height -8”



Titan Motorcycle Lifts SDML - 1500 XLT


Ladies and gentleman we present you one of the reasons why Titan Lifts has managed to really get in the radar for motorcycle lifts. Since Titan Lifts began making motorcycle lifts, they’ve been in the spotlight but blew up in 2014’s SEMA Show in Las Vegas with their 1500XLT and it’s BEST NEW PRODUCT accolade. This lift gives you an extra large working platform, 1,500 lb capacity to accommodate heavier ATVs, Motorcycles, Trikes and lawn mowers. It has built-in retractable casters, automatic safety locks, Titan Lifts heavy 12-gauge steel construction and 1 year parts warranty. Not bad.


Center Table Width - 30”

Width w/Extensions - 52”

Center Table Length - 80”

Length w/Extensions - 102”

Max Lifting Height - 45”

Lowered Height - 8.5”


Titan Motorcycle Lifts SDML - 1500 XLT - E 


Titan Lifts has in their 1,500 XLT-E one of the markets’ largest lifting tables. It’s fully equipped with extensions, accessories and it allows you to work on even heavier, recreational vehicles. Recommended more for shops looking for a bigger motorcycle lifts with very few limits as far as motorcycles and similar vehicles. It has an electric power unit that gives it a smooth and gentle range of motion while the hydraulic cylinder provides a sturdy and more reliable lifting function than competing electric style screw lifts. There’s no need for compressed air so it’s easier to accommodate in a garage or shop without the need for additional air lines.  


Power Unit - 110v

Min Length - 80”

Max Length - 102”

Min Width - 20”

Max Width - 52”

Min Height - 7.75”

Max Height - 42”

Front Extension Dimensions - 30” x 33.25”


Why Titan Motorcycle Lifts?

It all comes down to preference and in the past 6 months, here at JMC there has been a rise in Titan Motorcycle Lifts purchases for repair shops. The warranties are reasonable but the products have proven to be so reliable that very few even have to worry about a warranty. They are also very reasonably priced and compete with the biggest names in the industry for the much coveted, best motorcycle lift manufacturers. JMC has the best prices for Titan Motorcycle Lifts, so why not browse through our products and take a look at Titan Lifts for yourself.