Tuxedo Lifts LR-26-PAD Scissor Lift: Keeping a Low Profile

We've all had that coworker who loves an audience. Sure, they can do the job. But it's so much better if they can make a scene while doing it.

The Tuxedo LR-26-PAD low-rise scissor lift is NOT that coworker. This automotive lift more of the strong silent type--in the corner, head down, doing the job right day-in-day-out without making a big deal about it. And that speed and reliability is exactly what sets the LR-26-PAD miles apart from the wannabes and the copy cats out on the car lift market today. Because when it comes to lifting cars and trucks in your professional body shop or home garage, really the less excitement the better.

Tuxedo LR-26-PAD
But that doesn't mean the LR-26-PAD by Tuxedo is anything less than overwhelmingly capable at wheel service, brake service, detailing and basic repair. The Tuxedo LR-26-PAD low-rise scissor lift is a 6,000 pound capacity, low-profile lift with a mighty high-speed motor that quickly and safely gets vehicles up to a full working height of 26" inches in just 35 seconds. In busy garages where every second counts, the LR-26-PAD car lift is a true lifesaver.

The Tuxedo LR-26-PAD scissor lift is a frame-engaging car lift. And since you want to avoid any vehicle damage, Tuxedo figured that you could use some extra protection. That's why the ramps are well padded for an extremely gentle lifting experience, even on high-priced exotics. Even so, Tuxedo Lifts included two sets of rubber blocks that can be easily positioned under those all-important manufacturer approved jack points. And you know those low-clearance vehicles that are such a pain to get up a driveway (let alone on a lift)? The LR-26-PAD eats them for breakfast with an extremely low drive-over height of 3 inches. Once you get a car or truck on there, the automatic safety locks ensures there aren't any nasty surprises while you're changing tires, working on brakes or just making the vehicle look glorious as possible with some much needed TL&C. When you want to lower it, stand to the side of the lift, hold up the safety bar and hit the release.

The designers at Tuxedo really did an excellent job of making the LR-26-PAD low-profile scissor lift as simple and convenient as possible to use. The cart-mounted power unit is a standard 100 volt deal, so you won't need an electrician to get the LR-26-PAD Tuxedo Lift up and running. The power unit even has wheels on it for added mobility. With the Tuxedo Lifts LR-26-PAD, what you need is always within reach when you need it. And if it isn't, you can just move wherever you like.

Tuxedo is a world supplier of quality automotive equipment and car lifts. And the Tuxedo LR-26-PAD is a prime example of what they do best: crafting solid automotive lifts that get the job done fast, safely and quietly. If you're looking for something loud and flashy, well, maybe try a thunder storm.