DRILL DOCTOR: The Industry’s #1 Drill Bit Sharpener

In an industry where high quality equipment has to remain in optimal conditions for years to come, many products need some extra help in order to conserve their integrity. Wheel balancers have to last for years, tire changers require maintenance but have to meet rigorous demands for a long time and vehicle lifts do all the heavy lifting. But what about one of the most common tools in your tool box? A piece of equipment that is not only ubiquitous in your shop but also in your own garage. I’m talking about drills.

Drills are common in woodworking, metalworking and many DIY projects which means its use is universal and regardless of how expensive your drill bits are, frequent usage will affect their performance . For that reason JMC Automotive Equipment encourages all shop owners to give your drilling equipment a boost with Drill Doctor.

Drill Doctor and Darex

Drill Doctor is a company born out of the larger Darex (Industrial Bit Sharpeners) to meet the demands of the many professional and do-it-yourself folks. The original company began in 1973 in Beecher, IL. A fourth generation company, Darex, since its inception has grown to become the makers of the world’s best selling industrial drill sharpeners and consumer sharpening products.

Darex has been helping keep your equipment sharp for over 40 years.

What is Drill Doctor?

For those of you that haven’t seen Drill Doctor on TV, It’s a revolutionary company that designs and manufacturers drill bit sharpeners. The concept might sound simple and you might think that you don’t really need to purchase a product if you have your own method to sharpen your bits but the boys over at Drill Doctor have actually perfected a machine that allows even your oldest drills to return to their original state. A factory reset for your drill bits if you will.

Why Sharpen them?

The sharper the bit, the better the hole and it is for that reason that sharpening your bits is a more cost effective alternative than replacing them. Why replace something that isn’t broken?

How does Drill Doctor Work?

Drill Doctor features a patented design that sharpens bits using the same motion used in factories. All of Drill Doctor’s models sharpen standard twist and masonry bits from 33/2 seconds to ½ inch. The model 750X chuck will sharpen bits up to ¾ inch in size.


We recommend the drill doctor not only because it saves us money and time but because of its practicality. It features:

  • Easy Alignment

  • Cams that generate position point geometry

  • User Replaceable Diamond Grinding Wheel

  • An impressive 3 year warranty


As with any other company, Drill Doctor knows the different types of demands that need to be met and budgets which is why variety was introduced for the different types of environments where the Drill Doctor has to be used.

350X - The 350X is specifically designed for the home workshop and sharpens 33/2 to ½ inch drill bits at a 118 degree angle.


DDPS - If you use spade and paddle bits this DDPS takes the functionality of the 350X and adds the capacity to sharpen spade and paddle bits of all kinds.

XP - If your sharpening needs require adjustable relief angles and split points the XP might be what your garage or shop is looking for.

500X - The 500X adds the functionality of a 135 degree point angle, push stop point alignment and cast aluminum sharpening port.

750X - This is their top of the line product and the one that actually put Drill Doctor on the map as the industry’s solution to worn out drill bits. It is built tough as it keeps in mind the demands of a dynamic shop environment in mind. 1 chuck sharpens bits from 3/32 to ¾ inch it features an infinitely adjustable point angle range from 115-140 degrees. It also has an adjustable material take off feature you can just grind up the piece quickly and with little effort.

Your shop uses drills multiple times per day meaning its blades are much more exposed to arduous labour than the ones you have at home, therefore keeping up with their maintenance ensures optimum drilling each and every time and you’ll need an aide you can trust. JMC Automotive Equipment is now a proud distributor of Drill Doctor products and highly recommends you browse and give their equipment a quick glance.