Buyer’s Guide to Branick Products

Branick History

Over 100 years ago in a small city in North Dakota (Dickinson to be exact) Earl Branick began a tire and vulcanizing shop. Mr. Branick was a visionary and a constant entrepreneur that invented a tire spreader which was the beginning of over 35 spreaders that Branick Manufactured and sold worldwide. Branick was also the first to introduce jacks, tire changers, inflation cages as well as a variety of other tools and appliances.

Branick Tools and Equipment

Today, Branick leads the industry in tire services as well as the production of repair equipment, tire inflation appliances and nitrogen systems. With more than 750,000 satisfied clients on a global level, Branick is always finding new ways to improve their products as well as their service department. JMC Automotive Equipment supplies all of Branick Automotive Tools and Tire Equipment products at the lowest prices. The following is a buyer’s guide for Branick Products.

Branick's Product Line

Branick offers a wide array of products which are divided into two categories, Automotive Tools and Equipment and Nitrogen Tire Inflation Systems. 

Automotive Tools and Equipment

Branick Tools and Equipment

This category includes products such as the strut spring compressors, tire spreaders, brake bleeders, inflation cages, tire inflation tools, tire service equipment, rolling jacks, tire cutters and curing rings. 

Strut Spring Compressors

Branick 7600 Strut Spring Compressor

Choosing the right strut sping compressor is important to keep you safe while you change the struts on your vehicle. They’re designed to air in the replacement of cartridges and assembly components and a strut compressor will compress your vehicle’s door springs for easy installation of new springs.

7600 Strut Spring Compressor – This is one of Branick’s most sought after products and sets the industry bar high. Model 7600 handles all types of coil over shocks on light trucks and SUV’s without the use of additional adapters. It has a longer compression stroke that can handle vehicles such as the Jeep KX Cherokee Trailhawk and an integrated structural ring guard.

Accessories – Branick also offers Model 761 which serves as a bench mount to conveniently mount your 7600 to any work bench. Branick has the Model 764 which is a mobile cart allowing full-mobility and a sturdy stand for your 7600.

Tire Spreaders 

As the company known for designing the first tire spreaders back in the 1920s, Branick have had expectations to live up to and have passed with flying colors. Today, almost 100 years hence, Branick continues to set the industry bar high.

Model 5035 – The Branick 5035 Tire Spreader features a unique design that is beyond efficient. It uses a CFL bulb which is RMA compliant which means these bulbs emit a minimum of 200 foot candles.

Model 5045 - As opposed to the 5035, the 5045 is the solution for low pro and wide base tire clientele.

Model 5120 – Model 5021 is regularly used in both passenger and smaller trucks when what you’re looking for is a little more from a spreader. It is air-powered and easy on the operator. Model 5021 has a stable four point base that can be bolted to the floor and it features a foot control valve for spreading the tire.

Model 5500 – This product is Branick’s most prized tire spreader (at least according to auto body shop owners). It can easily handle everything from passenger tires to super singles but it’s typically used to inspect and repair truck tires. The Model 5500 has manual tire rotation and the tool tray moves for left or right hand operation.

Model EF – Another one of Branick’s prized possessions is the Model EF which happens to be air powered and designed for passenger, bus, trucks and even tractor tires.

Model EF-HD – Your tire can rotate 360 degrees for repair, buffing or inspection and its floor mounted controls lift and spread the tire. The EF-HD can handle the largest of trucks and some aircraft tires as well.

Model S-FLL – This model is affordable and can handle small tires from 15 inches through standard truck tries. It is perfect for carrying your service truck for repairs that need to be done in the field.

Pressure Brake Bleeders

Branick Pressure Brake Bleeders more specifically their Model G300 is a diaphragm type bleeder that keeps fluid and air separated. Its whopping 4-gallon reservoir eliminates the need to refill frequently and requires of only one operator for both conventional and anti-lock brake systems. It features a quick coupler and it has wheels for added mobility. The Model G300 includes two of the most common adapters which are the 29G and 45G9 but also support custom adapters.

Tire Inflation Cages

Branick’s Tire Inflation Cages are made right in their warehouse and are known for offering the highest quality materials and Tire Inflation Cages. Branick meets all OSHA requirements and their arched tube design is designed for maximum energy displacement.  Branick are the only manufacturers that use the No-Mar coating to protect your high quality rims.

Tire Inflation Tools

AirHead – Branick’s Airhead has a high strength aluminum body and is strong enough to withstand the test of time as well as frequent abuse which is not unheard of in your average shop. With the Airhead you’ll save time because you can inflate and deflate without removing the actual inflator from the valve. You have two models to choose from which can handle 138 psi to 174 psi.

Digital Airhead – Branick’s Digital Airhead is a state of the art handheld electronic tire inflator. With sensor technology it offers rapid and accurate trouble free tire inflation and deflation. It was developed with rugged engineering plastics to meet the demanding expectations of high volume and intensive applications.

Blockhead – Branick Blockhead Auto Inflator eliminates the need for stick or handheld gauges. The Blockhead’s auto inflate and deflate capacities beep when the tire is ready so you don’t have to constantly check up on it taking up time from other activities. The Blockhead just asks that you set the require pressure, connect the chuck and let this state of the art inflator do the rest of the job for you.

Blockhead Pro – Also at Branick, you get the Blockhead Pro which is the preferred auto inflator of over 14,000 auto body shops worldwide. Its 145psi output makes it the perfect combination of both power and accuracy. You also save money and time due to faster calibration of your tires. Branick also offers a two-year warranty.

Tire Service

Also manufactured in Branick’s headquarters in Fargo, North Dakota is their TC400 Tire Cart which is an appliance known for its strength and durability. Its laser cut frame components give it remarkable rigidity to prevent twisting. Its extra wide foot pedals operate the auto closing tire cradle which the uses a hydraulic spring to provide constant pressure on the tire stack (this is what makes sure the tires stay on the cart) With a cradle operating range of 20” – 37” it is the largest on the market and the air-less tires provide the feel of pneumatic with the durability of a solid tire.

2400 Tire Tool Station – Branick’s Tire Stool Station is the one tool storing appliance you cannot go without. It features slots for torque sticks as well as other service tools and the lower tray allows for additional storage. With Branick’s 2400 Tire Stool Station you have never been more organized.

Rolling Jacks

If you’re looking for a Rolling Jack look no further than one of Branick’s two rolling jack models. Model 8700 and 8900 fit the most popular 4-post lifts which replace original equipment jacks. The 8700 specifically handles up to 7,000 pounds and comes with telescoping mounting brackets and the lift arms adjust from 33-50 inches. Their narrow width allow for easy access to the area of the serviced vehicle and the spring loaded mounting bracket rollers allow the jack to be positioned easily. They then lock into place when weight Is applied. Model 8900 handles up to 9000 pounds and comes also comes with telescoping mounting brackets.

Tire Cutters

Model HD-BTC – For tire cutters, Branick offers this HT-BTC model and their HD-BTC/G (which has a gas powered engine).These tire cutters reduce wear on tire shredder blades and can easily slice 80 tires per hour. Model HD-BTC and its gas powered counterpart can help you make sure you double the number of tires in a single load to decrease scrap tire loads. They are a great addition for any auto body shop.

Curing Rings

Branick also manufactures curing rings which are ideal for your tire retread applications. Their heavy duty Acme threads are made to withstand high volume use. They also have a sliding shield on the outer ring body which reduces the chance of pinched envelopes. These Curing Rings are available in sizes 14 through 24.5.

Nitrogen Tire Inflation Systems

Air products is the world leader in membrane technology for tire inflation and this is where Branick plays a key role. Branick is the exclusive supplier of nitrogen systems in the US and Canada. With customers such as Safeway, Wal-Mart using these inflation systems you can trust that Branick provides the very best in Nitrogen Inflation Systems. Air PRISM Membrane are easily identified by their green color and provide the guarantee you were searching for while PSA Products (Pressure Swing Absorption) which they call Viking Products are known for their distinctive blue color.

Mobile Nitrogen Inflation Systems

Model 120 Cart – The model 130 provides flexibility with automotive, light truck and commercial nitrogen inflation. It provides easy mobility and its fully automatic system makes it the preferred choice for garages. Its battery life is also quite admirable considering that it can operate all day on battery life or be plugged into a 110v outlet. Other features such as full programmability, top off function and a pressure range of an astounding 145 psi, the model 130 really packs a punch.

Model 465 – Its PRISM technology and its low cost makes it a bargain considering that this simple system boasts a 30 gallon tank. The unit comes with a 7year membrane warranty and five years of free filters. It is sophisticated yet simple and the Blockhead Automatic Tire Inflator provides a hands free tire inflation.

Model 475 – The 475 comes with a 30 gallon tank and can convert a small to midsized vehicle without being limited to an air source. This model also utilizes the PRISM MEMBRANE and acts as an air dryer which means the system creates a more optimized purity over the lifespan of the machine.

Model 485 – Like previous models mentioned, the 485 also delivers high speed and high purity whilst allowing you to stay on the go. It comes standard with hose reels as well as a 30 gallon tank which allows for easy conversion of a passenger vehicle without being limited to an air source. And if that wasn’t enough, if you want to keep your mobile system ‘mobile’ but also want nitrogen at your tire changing location, these systems have an auxiliary port so you can fill any size tank for added capacity. With the Model 485, you get two systems for the price of one.

Model 675 – Model 675 is the preferred choice for large passenger vehicles and small trucks that require a little help while having mobility.

Model 685 – Model 685 has an added capacity to handle SUV and light truck needs without breaking a sweat and is also ideal for top-off or single conversion on commercial tires.

Viking 185 – The Viking 185 has all of the features you would normally find in the bigger more expensive systems but at a fraction of the cost. Connect the compressor and inflate up to 4 tires simultaneously. All of Branick’s PSA units feature PCL inflators which guarantee quick and accurate nitrogen inflation. They’re fully automated and programmable which allow you to easily verify enough air supply to the generator.

Viking 370 – The Viking 370 is mobile as well as powered by a one-touch operation for conversion or top-off applications. Audio and visual signals are included to check progress and completion and as an added bonus, you also receive error reporting and self-diagnostics on both the 185 and the 370 Viking.

Wall Mount Nitrogen Inflation Systems

Model 350 – If space is limited and complete mobility is not a necessity, Branick has the right product in mind for you. These wall mounted nitrogen generators take up little space but provide just as much speed and air purity. Model 350 services small sized vehicles and motorcycles and because of the PRISM Membrane, the system also acts as an air dryer which means it produces a more consistent level of purity over the machine’s lifespan. The model 350 is mostly utilized for small dealers and or garages.

Model 450 – With the same quality and longevity you get with the 350 comes the bigger, more potent Model 450 Wall Mount System. It services entry level to high volume applications for passenger and light trucks.

Model 650 – The Model 650 is Branick’s most powerful Wall Mount System and is perfect for dealers requiring a little more output without the space. The Model 650 can easily handle the largest passenger and light truck shops as well as light volume commercial truck applications.

Nitrogen Inflation Tower Systems

Model 500 –  Branick’s Model 500 is one of their highest selling product as well as the best choice for nitrogen generators. It has capacity to handle high volume passenger and light truck facilities as well as light volume commercial truck applications.

Model 1000 – The Model 1000 incorporates a double membrane system that is capable of creating enough nitrogen to inflate a small to medium sized truck in less than 3 minutes. When you’re looking for power, Branick’s model 1000 can tackle pretty much any job and at a fraction of the cost.

Model 1500 - Last but not least on our list of Branick Nitrogen Inflation Tower Systems is the model 1500 which is the largest and most powerful generator in the Branick line. It is a triple membrane tower system which was designed for high volume OTR applications as well as commercial shops.


Here at JMC Automotive Equipment we have carried Branick Products for years and are proud to offer our clients the very best tools for their garage or auto body shop. After all, Branick have over 750,000 worldwide customers willing to back them up and to this day, Branick focuses on the tradition passed on from generations by Mr. Earl Branick himself. Thanks to Branick products recognition and customer satisfaction rate, our job  is a lot easier and we recommend that if you wish to learn more about Branick’s long line of products, you should contact us today for more information on prices and benefits @