Branick’s 7600 Strut Spring Compressor: “The Standard in the Industry”?

When it comes to Strut Spring Compressors, many amateurs settle for the first or cheapest piece of equipment they find. Not only is this not smart (not every compressor can work on every vehicle) but it can also be quite dangerous. For that reason, this month, JMC sheds light on one of our top selling products and customer favorite, Branick’s 7600 Strut Spring Compressor.


Branick Industries has been a worldwide leader within the auto equipment industry for almost a century. With headquarters in Fargo, North Dakota, Branick Industries provides high-quality equipment made right here in the US and their 7600 Strut Spring Compressor is synonymous with high-quality and American made. So without further ado, we present to you, Branick’s 7600 Strut Spring Compressor: “The Standard in the Industry”?

Overview: Why are Compressors Important?

Compressing springs is a very dangerous job so you want to make sure you have the proper tools. The reason for that is a coil spring is under constant pressure when installed in a vehicle’s suspension system. This pressure is known as stored energy (and a lot at that). When the coil system is removed without using a spring compressor, that stored energy causes the spring to fly out of the spring pocket at great speed which can result in serious injury and even death for people near the vehicle so if you’re a newbie always exercise caution.

Using a spring compressor allows techs to compress powerful springs and safely remove it from the spring pocket without fear of releasing the stored energy from the coil.

Branick’s 7600 Strut Spring Air Compressor

Since its inception the 7600 has turned more than a few heads mainly because of the type of vehicles it services. It is an OEM Recommended Product (a highly respected accolade given to quality products) that handles tough applications such as the Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk, RAV4, F-150 and GM pickups/SUVs without the need for adaptors.

The 7600 is made of complete steel, no plastic or low grade components making strength and durability its main virtues. It is the recommended tool by Ford, GM and Mopar and its predecessor the 7400 has been featured on various cable shows including Spike TV’s “Trucks” series.

In the following video an expert over at Branick briefly describes the characteristics of the 7600's predecessor, the 7400.

Many auto shops in the US as well as overseas prefer the 7600 because Its main virtue other than its strength is flexibility to fit difficult coil spring configurations. Its long handles provide extra torque to allow for easier compression. It is the best tool for the job.

Why it’s the Standard in the Industry?

The 7600 compresses springs evenly and only in vertical axis which allows for more security meaning minimal risk of an accident. The spring hooks take all the load and there is no potential force in any other direction (basically just up or down). A lot of other compressors also create a force horizontally which can eventually lead to a spring release but the 7600 is the most chosen because it does its job every time with a very lower risk of an accident when compared to rival compressors.

When looking for a high-quality compressor you should also keep in mind durability and the 7600 was made to withstand the test of time. In fact, legend has it that there are many tire spreaders made by Branick and sold in the 40’s and 50’s that are still functioning today. A Branick spring compressor can easily be in the field for 20+ years and although 20 years from now they might look outdated, they will continue to do their job properly.

Branick has always been known for producing quality, dependable equipment that is made to withstand the test of time. The 7600 is no exception and has been turning quite a few heads. It is our featured product of the month and one of our highest selling product of the year so far. For more information on Branick’s 7600 Strut Spring Compressor be sure to contact us today.