GMC GML-2060 20 x 60 in Bed Gap Metal Lathe / 2-Axis DRO / 3-1/8 in Bore

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GMC GML-2060 20 x 60 in Bed Gap Metal Lathe / 2-Axis DRO / 3-1/8 in Bore


  • ISO 9001 certified.
  • Large spindle bore 3-1/8
  • Spindle D1-8.
  • Guideway width 12
  • Main motor 10HP.
  • 16 spindle speeds from 25-1,800 rpm, 12 speeds.
  • 4-way rapid traverse on the carriage longitudinal and cross.
  • 60 kinds of inch threads, and 41 kinds of metric threads.
  • Threading and feeding rate change without changing gears.
  • Spindle is balanced, hardened and precision ground.
  • Spindle is supported at 3-point by high precision bearings.
  • All gears and shafts are hardened and precision ground.
  • Guideways induction hardened and precision ground.
  • Automatic lubrication system in headstock and feed box.


 Max. swing over bed  20"
 Max. length of workpiece  60"
 Max. swing over cross slide  12 1/2"
 Max. Swing in gap  29-1/8"
 Width of Bed  12"
 Effective length in gap to spindle  6"
 Effective length in gap to chuck jaws  3 1/2"
 Spindle bore  3 1/8" / D1-8
 Taper of spindle center  M.T. # 7 w/ reducing sleeve MT7/MT5
 Spindle speeds  25-1,800 rpm / 12 steps
 Longitudinal feeds  0.0011-0.063 IPR, 42 kinds
 Cross feeds  0.0003-0.018 IPR, 42 kinds
 Inch threads  2-112 TPI, 60 kinds
 Metric threads  0.1-14 mm , 41 kinds
 Diametral Pitch threads  4-112DP , 50 kinds
 Module threads  0.1-7mm, 34 kinds
 Max. travel of top slide  5"
 Max. travel of cross slide  11 1/4"

 Spindle length w/o chuck                           Lead screw length X TPI

 17-1/2"                                                                             1 1/4" x 4 TPI

 Diameter of tailstock quill


 Max. travel of tailstock quill


 Taper of tailstock quill center


 Main motor

 10 HP 3 Ph.                                                           Prewired: 220VAC / 35A                                         Optional: 440VAC / 20A

 Coolant pump

 1/8 HP 3 Ph.                                                               Prewired: 220VAC                                                   Optional: 440VAC                                                       2 Gal coolant

 Machine Oil

 # 30 weight Machine Oil, 5 Gallons

 Net weight

 5,750 lbs.

 Overall dimensions, LxWxH

 108" x 43" x 59"


Standard Equipment

  • Free Taper turning attachment, installed.
  • Free SINO DRO, installed.
  • 4-way rapid traverse on the carriage longitudinal and cross.
  • Automatic kick-out longitudinal carriage stop system.
  • 10” 3-jaw chuck with top reversible jaws, direct mount.
  • 12” 4-jaw chuck, direct mount.
  • 14” Face plate.
  • 1/2”-6” steady rest with roller jaws.
  • 7/8”-4-3/8” follow rest.
  • Removable gap.
  • 4-way tools post.
  • Foot brake.
  • Halogen Work light and coolant system.
  • Full length splash guard.
  • Dead centers.
  • Thread chasing dial.
  • Reducing sleeve MT7/MT5 for spindle.
  • Tool box and leveling pads.

Warranty Information

GMC Machine Tools Warranty

GMC warranties all machinery sold against failure of defective workmanship or materials which occurs after the product is professionally installed within product specifications and during normal use and operation for the period of one (1) year.

We will replace all parts, that our inspection shows to be defective from a manufacturing standpoint.

Warranty parts will be shipped free of charge to original purchaser.

Labor and or all travel expenses are not included in the warranty and will be charged additionally at market rate should on site repair be ever needed.

If Purchaser decides to return machines within the 1st 30 days of the purchase date, they may do so only with written agreement from GMC, freight prepaid. All machinery returned must be in same condition received.

After GMC inspects the machinery, equipment, GMC will charge a 35% restocking charge due to retuned machines can only be resold as PRE-OWNED OR DEMO WITH reduced market value and limited warranty.

GMC at no time will be liable for injuries, death, property damage, and any consequential damages that result from using our machinery, improper use, improper set up, and installation. Any legal action brought against GMC shall be tried in the State of California County of San Bernardino County.

GMC reserves the right to make specification changes at any time to better improve their product lines to continue to deliver the quality products our customers are used to.

Any machine that has a voltage change, phase converter installed after purchase, or if you forget to add oil into the machine will automatically void warranty. Buyer is fully responsible for parts and labor.

We truly hope you will never need to use this warranty and you have our commitment to work with you diligently If support is ever needed.

We look forward to being of service now and in the future.