Titan Lifts RP-1010-1KSDML-79 1000 LB D Motorcycle Lift-Long Ramp

Titan Lifts

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Titan 1000D Add-On Accessory Extension Ramp

This Titan accessory extension ramp makes a great addition to just about any motorcycle lift table. It's standard equipment with the Titan 1000D but you can purchase this handy ramp here to make loading the lift easier with just about any brand of lift. The ramp is outfitted with 3 hooks that keep the ramp from sliding out of place when driving over. These hooks are not guaranteed to fit any lift, just the Titan; though retrofitting this ramp to other tables isn't generally difficult. Order yours today!


  • 42" L x 16" W
  • Weighs 23 lbs
  • Fits most any table lift
  • Powder coated to never rust
  • Surface is diamond plate for extra grip 
  • Makes loading and unloading a breeze