Bendpak Portable Caster Kit For HD-7 & HD-9 Series


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jmc-shipping-button.pngBendpak Caster Kit Portable Wheel Kit For HD-7 & HD-9 Series

The Caster Kit is a portable wheel kit designed for those who love the lifting power of their BendPak HD-7 and HD-9 series four-post lifts but find that their shop or garage would be that much more efficient if they were portable. Because of the stability of the four-post lift design, the Caster Kit accessory allows BendPak HD-7 and HD-9 series lifts to be safely rolled around so you can rearrange your shop with ease.


  • For use on HD-7 and HD-9 series lift.
  • Provides mobility for easy movement and storage.
  • Can be installed or uninstalled easily.
  • Heavy-duty construction.
  • Mounting bar.
  • T-handle rod.
  • Washer (T-handle rod).
  • Cotter pin design.
  • Caster wheel.


 Caster wheel bolts  4
 Caster wheel nuts  4
 Caster wheel washers  4
 Lock washers  4
 Shipping weight  100 lbs. (45 kg)
 Shipping dimensions  41" x 12" x 13" (1,041 mm x 305 mm x 330 mm)

**Bendpak charges sales tax in California**
***It is the buyer's responsibility to unload the freight at their location.