AMGO Hydraulics PRO-12ASX 12000 Lbs 4-Post Alignment Lift

AMGO Hydraulics
12,000 Lbs

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AMGO PRO-12ASX 12,000 Lbs 4-Post Alignment Lift

Need alignment work done on everyday vehicles? This is the lift for you! With double safety locks to ensure you and your vehicle are always safe, you can feel secure with your work



  • 12,000 lbs lifting capacity

  • Air-released safety lock for convenient operation and reliability
  • Mechanical self lock and cable breaking protection
  • Aircraft quality cable
  • Optional adjustable turnplate pockets to fit different wheel bases
  • Skid proof diamond platform
  • Hydraulic cylinders are designed and Made to high quality standards, high quality NOK seals
  • Strict quality control of cylinders with flow restrictors to keep a constant low speed

Optional Rolling Jacks:

 More choices:

  • Optional led lights: No. 40103
  • Optional extension kits: No. 40902
  • Optional air line kit: No. 40102.

• Five-year Warranty on Steel Components, Three-year Warranty on Hydraulic Parts and Two Years on Electrical Components

Model PRO-12ASX
Style Alignment
Lifting Capacity 12,000 lbs (5,500 kg)
Lifting Time 45S
A: Overall Length (Inc.Ramps) 232 5/8″ (5910mm)
B: Overall Length (No.Ramps) 196 3/4″ (4998mm)
C: Overall Width 132 1/8″ (3356mm)
D: Width Between Columns 118 1/8″ (3000mm)
E: Lifting Height 75 3/8″ (1915mm)
F: Overall Height 86″ (2185mm)
G: Minimum Height 8 5/8″ (220mm)
H: Runway Width 20″ (508mm)
I: Drive-Thru Clearance 104 1/8″ (2646mm)
J: Width Between Runways 43 1/4″ (1100mm) - Max.53 3/4″ (1365mm)
K: Min. Four Wheel Align 81 7/8″ (2080mm)
L: Max. Four Wheel Align 151 5/8″ (3850mm)
M: Max. Two Wheel Align 157 1/2″ (4000mm)
Gross Weight 2,723 lbs (1,235 kg)
Motor 2.0HP, 220V/60Hz Single Phase

AMGO PRO-12ASX 12,000 Lbs 4-Post Alignment Lift Measurements


Detailed Images

Air Control Safety Device Double Safety Locks Rolling Jack J6A Length Extension
Air control safety device. Double-safety locks

Optional Rolling Jacks: J6A Jack with air-operated hydraulic pump, 6,000lbs lifting capacity. Mechanical Safety Locks, with adjustable rubber pads and extension adapters.

Optional length extension kit adds an extra 29″ (737mm) length on the platform. Kit No. 43001 (PRO-30) Kit No. 44001 (PRO-40)
Adjustable Turnplate Optional Airline Kit High Grade Cylinders LED light Kit
Adjustable turnplate blocks for the PRO-10A. Optional turnplate. Kit No.: 40101 Optional airline kit. Easy to install with all models of rolling jacks with pneumatic pump accessories. Kit No 40105 High grade cylinders made to high quality standards, NOK seals, strict quality control and testing. Optional LED light.Kit No.40103

Warranty information.

AMGO offers one of the best product warranties in the industry from the original factory commercial invoice date in the industry as follows: 
1.Steel structure components(including Columns,Carriage,,Lifting Arms, Top Beam, Floor Cover,Platform,Cross Beam,Car Drive-in Ramp, Scissor,baseframe etc.) warranty for five years. 
2.Hydraulic parts (including cylinders, oil seal, oil hose, fitting etc.)warranty for two years. 
3.Other parts(no including consumption parts such as rubber pad),electrical components, power unit warranty for one year.

Warranty procedure:

In order to start a warranty claim, you need fill out completely (including date of purchase) the warranty card attached below, and then send it to If this information is not provided, the factory will not support the claim.

Click here to download the warranty card


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