Nussbaum OTTO 9 9,000 lb (ALI) Asymmetric 2 Post Lift w/ Rear Double Jointed Arms


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Nussbaum OTTO 9 9,000 lb (ALI) Asymmetric 2 Post Lift w/ Rear Double Jointed Arms

The OTTO 9 is the reinvention of car lifting and workshop design. Over 75 years of NUSSBAUM innovation and experience has lead us to this revolutionary design. We are proud to name this lift after our founder Otto Nussbaum. The OTTO 9 is named for the benefits it gives to operators, as well as the productivity in terms of space and dollars to the owner. And this lift is 100% manufactured in the USA. 

This lift consists of SPL10000M 3S and arms 35DJA08400 and SPL10F02100.

Why is the OTTO 9 so revolutionary?

  • It changes the way you lift your vehicles
  • It changes the way your workshop looks
  • It prepares your workshop for electric vehicles including battery exchanges
  • It will always provide the best access for the job


Installing the OTTO 9 at a width of 118 - 124″ you not only optimize your workshop space, you can also install it 40″ closer to the wall than any other 2-post lift on the market. This all-around space savings gives you more access around the vehicle with much less effort. The 118 - 124″ install is perfect for any shop that works on standard passenger cars, but also pickup trucks. Its narrow installation and long arm reach make it very easy to reach frames on trucks, as well as pick up points that are far apart.


  • Double jointed rear arms
  • 9,000 lbs lifting capacity
  • OTTO is ready for new technologies like electric cars and battery exchanges
  • Can be installed as close as 118 - 124″ apart and still reach most passenger vehicles
  • Standard install at 124
  • Always open the doors
  • Obstruction free access to the areas you need to work on
  • OTTO allows for new service opportunities with electric cars. The patent-pending lift offers full service underneath the car which allows all covers to be removed to get to the vehicles batteries
  • Lift 100% manufactured in the USA

Technical characteristics

Capacity 9,000 lb
Pick up pad height min 4.5 inch
Front arms extension min-max 27.25 - 43.5 inch
Rear arm extension min-max 39.5 - 59 inch
Inside column width 105 inch
Lifting height 73.5 inch
Overall width min 118 - 124 inch
Drive-through width min 94.75 inch
Total height min 143 inch
Power supply (V/ph) 208/230 / 1 ph
Motor power 3.5 hp


Wooden crate
Packaging Wooden crate
Product Dimensions 143in x 42in x 20in
Total weight 1700lb
Stackable 4
NUSSBAUM lift products are warranted to the original owner to be free of defects due to original factory materials and workmanship. The standard NUSSBAUM product policy for lifts provides a seven (7) year structural parts warranty, two (2) year warranty for non-structural parts.