Boxo BX009-R 4 Pc Plier Set


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Boxo BX009-R 4 Pc Plier Set

The BOXO usa 4-piece plier set is an ideal set with a multitude of uses. Use them for electrical wiring, plumbing projects, automotive repair and home maintenance or many other applications. This set includes 6” diagonal side cutters, long tip needle nose, 6” Lineman's pliers and groove joint pliers. The high leverage design found in the diagonal side cutters and long nosed pliers allow less force for more cutting power than a standard plier. Our needle nose, Lineman’s and groove joint pliers feature heat-treated serrated jaws to improve gripping power and provide strength for the toughest jobs. The heat-treated serrated jaws are designed for long life and wear resistance. Our tools are made for a lifetime of service using durable chrome vanadium alloy steel for plier heads and ergonomic TPR handles for increased grip, leverage and comfort.  

Each BOXO usa tool set that comes in our EVA foam tool storage solution is arranged and engineered to maximize the space for perfect tool organization. Every BOXO tool set that comes in EVA Foam fits precisely in our toolboxes or tool cabinets. This allows for the tools to stay organized. All of our tools have been scanned in a CAD system and a computer-controlled routing machine then cuts out each tool to the exact shape to maximize space. The dual color red and black contrasting EVA foam allows for quick visual inspection enabling the user to quickly return the tool to its proper location. Set is secured in 1/3rd EVA foam tool storage solution insert to keep pieces together and organized in the drawer of your tool box. 

Dimensions: 15-5/8"L x 7-3/8"W x 2" D

  • Multi-use plier set.
  • Forged plier halves with riveted pivot pin.
  • Differential heat treated cutting and gripping surfaces.
  • Needle nose and lineman’s pliers include cutter and curved jaw sections to better grip round items.
  • Pliers ergonomic TPR handles for increased grip, leverage and comfort with safety lip reducing hand slips forward into the work area.
  • High leverage design provides increased cutting and gripping strength.
  • Groove joint pliers include special jaw configuration provides better grip on round, square, hex and oblong shaped objects.
  • Made from chrome vanadium alloy steel for strength and prevent corrosion.
  • Tools are set in 1/3rd EVA foam tool storage solution insert.

Tool Set Includes:

  • 7“ Heavy-duty diagonal plier. 
  • 8“ Long needle nose plier. 
  • 7” Lineman's plier. 
  • 10“ Groove joint water pump plier.