Why You Should Invest in a Wheel Balancer for Your Shop

Shop owners have started to make changes to their business strategies to adapt to the new normal. The need to future-proof is essential for small to medium-sized businesses to survive. Now, you can see several auto shops offering new services to compensate for the lack of new customers and to improve customer retention. Investing in a car wheel balancer is a good way to improve your bottom line.

Why Wheel Balancing is Important

When wheels are unbalanced, significant damage may happen to the vehicle—from uncomfortable vibrations when driving to major damage to the suspension. Most drivers, however, are unaware of this problem and the consequences of leaving it unaddressed. As their mechanic, you have the responsibility to educate them on how to maintain their vehicle. In addition to providing a valuable service to your customers, you’re creating a new income-generating activity for your shop.

How Wheel Balancing Improves Your Bottom Line

As mentioned, several auto shops have started offering services to adapt to the current economic situation. Most of these are focused on improvements for better everyday performance. Although these won’t bring in as much income as other services, such as oil change or engine swapping, they still add revenue to your shop.

Wheels need to be balanced every 7,000 miles

When you can’t provide full service to your customers, you may offer to check their wheels for rotation and balance. General wear is the common cause of wheel imbalance. Have your customers check their vehicle’s odometer. Then, advise them to have their wheels checked for rotating and balancing for every 5,000 to 7,000 new miles.

Wheels don’t take long to be balanced

A common risk with new services is a longer turnaround. This can be discouraging to customers, prompting them to look for a different shop. But wheel balancing is one of the few services that have a quick turnaround time. With the right equipment, you can complete this process in less than half an hour. You just have to remove the wheel, attach it to the machine, and reinstall it to the vehicle.

Wheel balancing can earn you additional revenue

Wheel balancing is typically included in comprehensive maintenance checks. But you can offer it as a separate service. When you do this, you create a new revenue source for your shop. You can charge customers anywhere from $10 to $40 for this valuable service. Easily earn back the money you invested in this machine.

Give Customers What They Need

Customers tend to be more discerning when times are tough. They want to make sure they are getting their money’s worth. When they can’t find what they’re looking for in your auto shop, they will likely move on to your competitor. By offering something as simple as wheel balancing, you provide them with a service that keeps their vehicles safe and performing well.

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