Why You Need a Wheel Balancer in Your Auto Repair Shop

There are over 250 million vehicles driving on America’s highways, and that means over 1 billion wheels that need balancing. A good wheel balancer can help you manage your workload and keep customers happy, no matter the size of your shop. If you lack the tools to keep the weight of the wheel evenly distributed to effectively prevent high-speed wheel vibrations, you may be missing crucial repairs as a result. As a result, your customers may take their business elsewhere.

An Opportunity for Steady Business

Tires should be rotated approximately every5,000-7,000 miles. A wheel balancer gives you the ability to perform work on tires, wheels, and the suspensions of every customer. With responsible customers stopping by your shop every 3 months or so, you’re wheel balancer will keep you and your shop busy all year long.

A Long-Term Investment That Pays For Itself

While wheel balancers can run for a couple thousand dollars initially, having customers that pay $10.00 per wheel or $40.00 per vehicle will quickly offset the cost, especially when they’re recommended to return for the service after every 3 months. Balancing a single wheel takes less than 5 minutes, so you’ll easily be able to make $40.00 in 20 minutes or less. In other words: it will pay for itself in no time!

Become An All-In-One Auto Repair Shop

Investing in a wheel balancer allows your auto shopto become an all-in-one repair shop. Your customers are incredibly busy; if they don’t have to go to the guys next door to pick up what your shop is lacking, you won’t be losing business to bigger shops.

Your customers are loyal to you because they believe in your work and shop. Don’t miss out on what could be thousands in profit just because your shop is lacking in services compared to the guys down the road.

Your Customers Will View You As an Expert!

Purchasing a wheel balancer will help you become the go-to spot for all vehicle related services; you might even start selling wheel and tire accessories with your newfound credibility. While these products won’t make up the majority of your profits, start off by selling a few quality accessories at competitive prices so the guys down the road don’t get all the credit!

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