Understanding the Different Types of Car Jacks

To any car owner, maintaining their vehicle should be the number one priority, especially if they use their car frequently. And when you talk about frequent car use, a flat tire is not a remote possibility – nor should it be a last priority. After all, there are over 400 fatalities due to flat tires annually.

If you get a flat while driving, you’d need a car jack to lift the car and change the tire. Most car jacks are hydraulic, meaning they function through fluid pressure. The make and model of car jacks depend on the end purpose of the gear.

Here, we'll discuss the different types of car jacks and, in addition, suggest where to find ones that are reliable and affordable.

There is More Than One Standard-Issue Car Jack? You Bet!

Car Jack

Car enthusiasts or car shop owners are well-versed in the different car jack types, but the distinction is rarely visible to the rest of us. Some car jacks are hand-operated, meaning they need a person to function instead of running on a hydraulic system.

On the other hand, hydraulic car jacks pump oil into a small cylinder. The more oil enters the cylinder, the more pressure is created, causing the car’s body to elevate from the ground so that repairs can be made.

Floor Jacks

These are straightforward car-lifting gear that runs on hydraulics. A floor jack will enable you to lift up the side of your car using a hand lever. The beauty of these car jacks lies in their simplicity — they need no extensive mechanic experience or excessive physical strength.

Air Jacks (aka Pneumatic Jacks)

The heavy-duty construction industry mainly uses air jacks to lift heavy and bulky machinery like trucks, buses, and different vehicles used in construction. The air jacks are also commonly referred to as telescopic jacks.

Ratchet Jacks

A ratchet jack is used to raise heavy vehicles, equipment, or other bulky items. The ratchet jack works by applying small amounts of force and gradually increasing the applied force. The ratchet jack is a lever-based machine used in many industries.

Bottle Jacks

These types of car jacks are hydraulic jacks resembling a big bottle, hence, the name. Bottle jacks are less expensive than floor jacks, making them the perfect choice for car owners looking to handle minor repairs independently.

Scissor Jacks

Scissor jacks are an excellent choice for lifting lighter vehicles since (the average lifting capacity is around 1 to 2 tonnes). Scissor jacks are more budget-friendly than floor jacks and are also more lightweight, which is perfect for hauling it around.

Rolling Jacks

Rolling jacks have found their place among car repair shop owners since these allow technicians to service a vehicle easily. Rolling jacks are the ultimate add-on to the typical four-post lift, transforming it into a full-on car lift.

Forklift Jacks

Forklift jacks are lifting mechanisms designed to elevate forklift vehicles to change vehicle parts. Forklift jacks operate on a hydraulic system triggered by a manual pump. On average, a forklift jack might lift close to 8,000 to 9,000 lbs.

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