Thoughts on Car Lifting: How Many Posts is Right For You?

Car Lifting

When lifting cars vertically off the ground, there are two popular options: the 2 post and 4 post car lift. Choosing which one to get will largely depend on who is buying. Someone who is just looking for ideal storage options for multiple cars will have different concerns from a mechanic or entrepreneur who runs an auto repair shop.

2 post - takes up less space, more accessible undercarriage

A 2 post automotive lift exerts pressure at the center of the vehicle in order to lift it.

This type of car lift takes up less space than its 4 post counterpart. With only 2 posts on both sides of the vehicle’s front doors, this lift is ideal for garages or repair shops that are prioritizing space. Whether it’s low ceiling allowance or just a general lack of space, the 2 post is a good option to go with.

As the vehicle is lifted, you’ll notice that most of its underside is much more exposed – wheels, brakes, and suspension for example. Repairs are much more convenient and can be executed without much impediment. This convenience in terms of repair and maintenance is especially pertinent for repair shops, allowing work orders to be expedited or fast-tracked.

One drawback with 2 posts is that it’s not the best option for stability. You need to anchor it properly to the garage floor. That means taking stock of the latter’s condition– thickness, type of concrete utilized, the existence of floor cracks, etc. An experienced installer will also have to conduct thorough inspection and installation.

4 post - better use of vertical space, stability, installation ease, portability

On the other hand, When you’re searching for 4 post automotive lifts for sale, there are a different set of considerations that factor into your decision. Unlike the 2 post, a 4 post car lift is designed in such a way that it supports the four corners of a vehicle when it is lifted.

For the regular consumer, this is a good option that can better utilize your vertical space for parking. You can park another car directly underneath the lifted vehicle. For businesses like repair shops, the 4 post is ideal for keeping repaired cars in storage for longer periods of time.

Cars are also much more stable and secure on this type of lift, especially heavier set vehicles and cars that have low ground clearance.

Most 4 post car lifts do not require anchoring and as a result, installation can be done with relative ease. They can be free-standing lifts and can be transferred from one location to another. If you have some space in your garage or shop where you expect to move things around often, the 4 post can accommodate this consideration.

However, when doing work on brakes or tires while it’s on a 4 post lift, you will need to use rolling jacks to lift the wheels off of the platform a few inches. So there’s an additional cost that will go into using the 4 post.

JMC Equipment offers quality car lifts and installation support

Whether it’s a 2 post or a 4 post, JMC Equipment has the equipment and supplies for your needs. Regardless of your choice, there are standard safety precautions that will always come when using or installing any type of lift. If you need proper guidance on these matters, we’re more than happy to help!

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