Shop Improvements: Why Invest in Mobile Column Lifts

You have to spend money to earn more. Part of future-proofing any business is investing in innovative solutions that aim to streamline processes. As an auto shop, these upgrades include new tools and equipment that make operations go smoother and faster.

A set of mobile column lifts is just one of these examples. This robust tool can enhance performance, improve efficiency, and increase effectiveness. All of these can reduce your auto shop’s turnaround time and allow you to cater to more customers.

Benefits of Mobile Column Lifts

Mobile column lifts are typically used in car dealerships and larger auto shops, but small to mid-sized garages have started using them to enhance productivity and increase profitability. This surge in popularity has made them more accessible. Now, you can find mobile column lifts for sale online.

Discover the advantages of this equipment to see why it’s a worthy investment for your auto shop.

Spatially Efficient

Spatial efficiency is a challenge for any auto shop. With a limited number of bays, it’s difficult to accommodate more vehicles. This will result in missed business opportunities as you are restricted to a finite number of vehicles a day, regardless of your team’s capabilities.

Mobile column lifts effectively address this challenge because of its portability. Easily move and store it out of the way when you don’t need it. This frees up space in your shop, allowing you to carry out jobs that don’t need to be lifted.

Highly Maneuverable

When technicians and mechanics are working on heavy-duty repairs, they need to be able to freely communicate with each other. They need ample space to carry out their tasks without accidentally bumping into one another.

Mobile column lifts provide better maneuverability that can streamline processes.

  • A battery-powered lift gives your shop the advantage of removing bothersome cords that usually serve as tripping hazards.
  • Some mobile lifts are designed with full-function control panels at each post, providing technicians and mechanics better control while working.
  • With their mobility, you can take these lifts outside to accommodate more customers.

Better Safety

Most small to medium auto shops use mechanic’s creepers to carry out operations. However, this tool has been found to cause injuries at work. The awkward angle at which technicians and mechanics are forced to hold this tool often leads to musculoskeletal problems.

Mobile column lifts provide a better grip that reduces the risk of injury in the workplace. The design allows your team to take short breaks to stretch without having to remove themselves from the area. Additionally, this tool gives them enough space to avoid hazardous fluids and hot parts.

Future-Proof Your Shop with Mobile Column Lifts

JMC Automotive Equipment has been providing entrepreneurs and auto enthusiasts with the appropriate solutions for over a decade. Our mobile column lifts are designed and made to streamline operations in auto shops for a better bottom line.

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