Safe Spaces Motorcycle Owners Eager to Learn about DIY Repairs

Motorcycle ownership is appealing to consumers for various reasons, including rising gas prices, the thrill of the open road, on- and off-road capabilities, and an indefinable “cool factor.” A study published in the Business Journal of Western Massachusetts records that the motorcycle industry has witnessed a slow yet steady rise in sales for the past few years, in fact. The demand for the two-wheelers coincides with the increasing need for more garage space where vehicle owners can conduct DIY repairs.

Americans Put a Premium on Garage Space in Their Homes

Data from a Bloomberg report reveals that there are more three-car garages in the US than one-bedroom apartments. Despite the country’s tight housing market, homeowners still put a premium on the garage space in their prospective homes. Since the 2000s, in fact, more and more home designs included large capacity garages. Data shows that 24% of new houses had enough space to accommodate three or more vehicles in 2015 alone.

Experts attribute the need for bigger garages to the rise multi-generational housing. As home dwellers search for more ways of cohabiting, garages are becoming a necessary extension of the home.

Furthermore, the need for parking space still supersedes the popularity of ride-sharing apps and car-free cities. Having a large garage makes it easy for families to store cars. In turn, it gives vehicle enthusiasts a place to get their hands dirty and tinker with their rides.

A Growing Number of DIY Enthusiasts

Spacious garages are a much-needed refuge for motorcyclists who want to conduct their own mechanical and repair projects. There has been an overall increase in vehicle fixes among motorcycle owners who want to DIY their repairs.

Motorcycle repairs appeal to both men and women. But while men focus on getting the job done right and fixing their vehicle, women are more interested in learning how to perform repair work properly. As more women express interest in motorcycles with classic designs and stylish riding apparel, it is fueling their need to understand how repairs for their two-wheelers work, as well. In fact, female motorcyclists are one of the fastest growing segments of the industry.

Enhancing Repair Knowledge with Motorcycle Collectives

More than having ample space and tools to conduct repairs, sharing knowledge can also encourage riders to enhance their knowledge in DIY work. In Vancouver, for instance, motorcycle collectives are made up of well-informed riders.

Being a member of the collective has various benefits. People can learn about one-off repairs, tools, and equipment while enjoying a sense of community. Some of the groups even offer online education options where members can learn the fundamentals of mechanical work.

The tight-knit groups are helpful for motorcycle enthusiasts eager to learn how to fix their two-wheelers. With a safe place to work and glean knowledge from others, it encourages rides to be more comfortable with their bikes. Experts hope motorcycle collectives will also gain traction in the country, and encourage more motorcycle owners to DIY their repairs.

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