Repair vs. Replace: Making the Right Decision for Your Shop

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When equipment suddenly breaks down, your productivity and the satisfaction of your clients are at stake. Not only are you wasting time, but you are also losing the opportunity to serve as many customers as your shop can handle. You have to make a decision about replacing or repairing the equipment to bounce back to productivity.

This decision isn’t easy to make; a hasty choice may lead to costly mistakes. The solution may work for the short term, but it may drain you of resources in the long run.

JMC Equipment explores a few considerations you’ll want to keep in mind when choosing to repair or replace the equipment from the shop.

Include the Age in the Equation

The age of the equipment in question is an important factor. Whether that’s a car lift or a wheel balancer, an auto shop machine would require more repairs and more intense maintenance routines as it grows older. It could only take so many repairs; after a certain point, repairs would only create bills without improving productivity.

The general rule, therefore, is that the older the malfunctioning equipment, the better it is to replace it.

A relatively new machine would bounce back to its old functionality after a simple repair. After all, it still has many years of service life. You have the peace of mind that this is a one-time fix and that you won’t be paying for any more repairs in a long while. On the other hand, older machines may not bounce back as easily, so it’s best to look for newer models. The equipment may need several repairs in a year, which is neither productive nor cost-effective.

Consider the Impact on Productivity

Since the machinery in your auto shop are specialized, it may take a while to find a replacement model or a repairman. This time element is an important factor, especially if you have a lot of clients waiting.

So if you’re deciding between replacement and repair, compare how long each would take. Generally, repairs take less time than replacement. You just need to find a professional and let them do the work. In contrast, replacement involves ordering and installation.

This isn’t a hard and fast rule, however. Depending on the model of the malfunctioning equipment, it may take a while to find a repairman. And you can always find an auto equipment supplier with a fast turnaround time. Buying a tire changer from JMC Equipment, for instance, is a breeze.

Consider Safety and Efficiency

Safety is paramount in an auto shop. If you worry about the safety of repairing an old model, err on the side of caution. Older equipment may injure workers if it malfunctions. Make sure that once you repair the machine, it can still provide a safe environment for your workers.

Efficiency should also be accounted for. Was the equipment functioning at a level you want it to? If it was, then would a repair guarantee the same level of efficiency?

If it wasn’t, wouldn’t it be better to replace it with an upgraded model that works at the rate you want?

An equipment purchase is a hefty investment, which is why the repair versus. replace question shouldn’t be taken lightly. Take the age of the machine, productivity, safety, and efficiency into account, and you’ll choose an option that would greatly benefit your shop.

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